Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, Teater Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with Love (Part I)

Yesterday I watched the final show for a tribute theatre to our former beloved first lady, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah at Istana Budaya
I went there with my lovely sister
I hope she'll share the pictures she took from the show so that I can share it with u guys
The show started late
Because I was late
My sister was there earlier and I felt bad for that and still is
Really sorry
I'd no idea I would be that late
I'd no idea the printing task that I needed to do first was taking ages, unlike the initial plan
Then, I sped to my elder sister's house and then the train was departing the station towards the direction I wanted to go
Yeah, I'd be 15 minutes later
Then, the train as usual, stopped periodically in between stations
On the LRT I got to Titiwangsa before taking a cab
Thank God the uncle was friendly
I was there approx at 9 pm
Looking for my sister
Found her, looking as good as usual, as gorgeous as always
Despite of tiresome, I went on to walk bouncy-ly as happy as I was
I was at IB for the first time
We entered the theatre
I was flabbergasted
The theatre was awesome!
They have LED display of the subtitles
The revolving and moving stage
That's so cool!
Lisa Surihani was up as the Young Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with the Young Tun Dr. M with Nazim Othman playing the role
The scene took place when Tun Hasmah was about to graduate
My sister and I was missing a lot of flirting scenes
When we were seated, they'd known each other for 5 years already
I hope I got this one right, am I?
I was lost in thoughts
Eja as the Old Tun Hasmah and Esma Daniel as the Old Tun M, they'd made a great couple
In fact, they played the role of the husband and wife of the Tuns very well, I presume
I couldn't really recall all the scenes
So, here are the scenes that I remembered
Not in a particular order
Here we go
First up,
The Midwife Strike
When Young Tun Hasmah treated a pregger due to her malnutrition, the midwives who found about the news felt that the existence of Tun to be a hazard to their jobs
Then, they turned to be hostile to Tun
However, because of her wits, the midwives was persuaded to be nurses
She also emphasised on cleanliness because pregnant mother require great attention
They were all dancing
The Iraq Missionary Mission
The Old Tun Hasmah was persuaded by her sweet talking husband, Tun M, to go to Iraq to see what's happening there
To prove what the tabloids to be right or the other way around
She went there and met the Head of Gov of Iraq at that time
Marina's Birthday
It was when Marina still a kid, she had to accept the fact that her father need to be away from home to meet the PM for some issues to be resolved
She was young and sulked because of that
The Heart Attack
I had no idea about Tun M had a heart attack that required bypass operation
It was because it happened on 1989
I was not born yet
He supposed to flew to the States for the operation
The doctors persuaded Old Tun Hasmah to flew him there
But she insisted that Tun M to make the decision
Tun M decided to be operated in Malaysia, by Malaysian Dr
I dunno about this and knowing it gave me shivers
How brave he was back then
This was when the Old Tun Hasmah broke down and cried to herself
A silent mutter that nobody knows until the theatre
She was muttering to herself that she was not ready to lose him
Even she was amazed by his courage but his decision torn her into pieces
She was scared
But she braced herself, hid the sorrow, and yes, he made it throught the operation
The Scandal
When there was rumours going around about Tun M with some women, she was about to fall
The news wavered the Old Tun Hasmah immensely
She was very scared
She was feeling weak
As she was about to shatter, her sister came to her rescue
Consoled her, cajoled her the way she needed
Her sister said that when there was a glimpse of her smile, that means she still can pull herself together
Tun M needed her and there she was
Strike to Dethrone Tun M
The people who disliked him tried their best to roll him over
They made such a chaos on the stage leaving Tun M on a stage, face down with disappointment, where people throwing papers of slanders
It was when Tun Hasmah felt so bad for him
She pulled herself together to make him feel better
Tun M Stepped Down
This was during the UMNO meeting when he announced his resignation of all posts that he held in the organisation
Again, face down, trying to nod to what people trying to convince him but he stood for what he thought he would do
His announcement astounded the Old Tun Hasmah as well
That was when she was speechless
Her instinct told her that she needed to be there for him as a wife when a husband need one, not as supporter
She was a faithful wife and still is
I was so touched of what the Old Tun Hasmah said yesterday
To be continued...

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