Monday, November 26, 2012

So, Production Team in the Making

For our Hospitality Information Technology and E-Commerce, we are to make a video
The video is about a device that we think is possible to make the information transfer better
To make the experience staying at a hotel be more enjoyable
The pictures are the progress of the shooting

We invited our anonymous upcoming actor
He's one of our friends
And a special invite of another upcoming star to be born, Farah's best friend, Nadia
They are the Fish and the Worm Sista Gangsta

The shooting experience was very enjoyable
We were supposed to start at 11am but due to rainy day, I was running late
The first task was to set up the device prototype
Then, the shooting started!
It was exciting

Time flew so fast
We were burst out laughing like mad people
Everything was hilarious!
There were only a few scenes to shoot but I'd no idea why it should take ages to be done
That's the unfunny part
It was tedious
The angle, the detailing of the body language, the voice tone and volume
Very intricate
Because of its complexity and the fun attached in between

We left with a task to record on how the device is functioning
Also, editing the recorded scenes
After that, voila!
I hope everything goes smoothly

Thank u to all my team members
Special thanks to our location sponsor, main actor and actress, supporting actors, prop manager, director cum camerawoman, and the food
The food was awesome
Thank u so much for everything

It's a wrap!


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