Saturday, November 3, 2012

So, Let The Fifth Year Commence!

The first picture is about packing up
The second one is about getting out of the country

It's a reminder
This blog is about me, my life, my opinion, my emotions, etc
Whatever it is, it is about me
Yes, I may sound a little bit too selfish and not being too informative about other things, since this blog is mine and the heck about others
I may be starting out writing about something else
I'm still planning about it
I'll add on a new tab on this blog when I know what to post about
I'll let u guys know
It just that I want to have some connection with something since I barely able to connect with others
With the existence of this blog, I can help people to connect to me by understanding me
Yes, some of us may not interested in this kind of thing but I believe a lot in building emotional relationship with people
Especially to those who is deprived, lack of, deficient of love
Yes, I'm pathetic
Most people is hard to share their feelings due to insecurities, which include me in the bunch
So far, it ruins me somehow, which I'm not realizing it
It's totally not cool
Disregard the word 'self-obsession'
I'm done with it
OK, let's get back to the title
I'm so sorry for being a bitch
I just can't help it

To my bestest friend,

I know u had a safe journey but your real journey has just started
Even u had a little bit delay on the starting point, but it'll be no difference with those who started earlier
As the fifth year student, it's not going to be easier
I feel so bad that I didn't prepare any farewell gift
Even a card

I was too selfish thinking about me which is totally time consuming
I had no idea how did the time flies
Maybe I'm still hormonal
Dear hormones, please treat me nicely

Back to the wishes
I know u changed
Even I don't like it much, I just hope it will do u good
Even, it will make wonders out of u
I don't think it's appropriate to point it out even I want to so badly
Still, I can see u in urself
That's already a relief for me
I know I changed, too
I hope it will not change the way u look at me as your bestfriend
I'm not proud of it either
Please know that, even I may despise u even with the slightest feeling, I'll do my best to be there for u
I hope u'll be doing the same

As for your study
I know it's not going to be easier than before
Things getting tougher daily
Just brace yourself with all the strength u have
Be strong in whatever u're doing because I know u're strong
Yes, you are strong
U need to finish what u've started
I may sounded harsh, but u've gotta do it
No more going halfway
All out all the way!

All the best!
All the best!
All the best!

Finish the fifth year with flying colours
I promise u, I'll do the same
This semester is not as nice as the previous ones
Let us pray for our success :)

Loads of love,

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