Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, It's the Pilot Episode of 2 Broke Girls

I've no idea that I'm gonna like something like this
None of us know that one coming
So, here I am
With a new obsession
2 Broke Girls featuring Kat Dennings
Love her more
I've been watching the episodes over an over again
I hope I won't get bored of it
Maybe because I didn't get much of what they said since I was enjoying the jokes
Before I finish laughing at the current jokes, new jokes already on
The pace is fast and I love that
The jokes are much to my preferences
The kinda jokes that I'd love to hear

The opening episode to this show is interesting
Please note that the jokes a little too dirty but not that straightforward
Please don't watch it with your little ones
They probably will have a lot of things to ask and u're gonna sweat in your pants to explain

The opening of the show is to introduce Max Black, one of the waitress at a Diner, who is one of the main character in the series
The other waitress, Paulina, a Russian girl that I've never seen her face
She is fired by Han Lee, or Bryce Lee who is in progress to get his visa to stay in America
He comes from Korea
The very next day, Caroline Channing, who just gone bankrupt, a real fall from grace, she needs a job and Han Lee took her in before Max plead to take care of the Diner herself since she was doing all the job besides having Paulina, the Russian hooker, and the previous one, the meth addict
Caroline, who is still in her Chanel, refuse to wear the uniform due to the unpleasant condition of the uniform
She also put up some rich girl attitude
Still, it's didn't exceed the unacceptable level
She 'enhanced' her resume in order to get Han's attention and he really believed it
"Marry the ketchup" is one of my favourite scene

Then, they call it a day where the introduction of Robbie, Max's boyfriend
He is with his band, listening to the music before they play their own music which may sound alike to the ones that's sound so cool
That's his band's secret, making beats from others' beats
Then, it shows Max's house and the kitchen where she makes her cupcakes
Her effort to make the cupcakes is put on hold since Robbie persuades her to make love to him

The next day, Max is on her way to her second job, babysitting Brad and Angelina, the newly born of Peach who is married to David, she finds Caroline sleeping in the subway train
When she tries to wake her up, after accidentally kissing a black girl while the train is picking up its speed,  she is electrocuted with a wireless taser
The "that's not rape does feel like" like joke got me all rolling around
Then, Max takes Caroline to stay with her in her house

"Max, u just got robbed!" is so funny
Then, off Max go to her babysitting the twins
That is when she found out about how bad the situation for Caroline is when Peach starting to exaggerate on the news about Caroline
Peach is a total diva

Back at Max's home, Caroline is trying to make her uniform "less crustier"
That's when Robbie is trying to hit on her
When the basin overflows, Robbie takes off his shirt to wipe the water
It takes place right after they try to exchange information about each other
"Hi, my name is Robbie."
"And I'm uncomfortable."
That's hilarious!
She refuses to be in Robbie's attention
That's the right things to do
That incident left her uncomfortable

Then, when Max is back to wait tables at the Diner, Caroline is avoiding her, provided that she is afraid Max has found out about the incident between her and Robbie
Actually, Max is trying to be nice to Caroline because of her bad treatment to her earlier on
Then, Caroline tells Max what happens and suggests to Max to leave Robbie that she deserves better
Then, Max fumes and leaves the Diner with Caroline freaks out
Earl, the love of Max's life, explains that, "You got screwed!"

Back at Max's house, Robbie is having sex with someone who plays tambourine
I guess, she was the tambourine girl of his band
He is shocked with Max's coming back
He explains, "You weren't supposed to be home." and that's a total douche bag
Max chases Robbie out that she wants him to be gone when she's back at home from the Diner

Back at the Diner, Caroline is struggling stacking 4 plates full with food
Max comes to her rescue by quoting Han, "We need help, sometimes."
"Hey, this is Caroline. She's new here. She might get your order wrong, but she gets something right."
That's so sweet of Max to say that
Then, Caroline take on Max what's Max see in Robbie
This scene is funny
I love Max's quote, "That thing makes smart girls stupid"
She's referring to the oblique muscles that Robbie has
So sexy that she can't deny it

Then, they get back to Max's house that they retrieve Caroline's horse, Chestnut, the very next day
Still on Chestnut's back, after their ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn on Chestnut, Caroline propose a business proposal to Max
Cupcake Business!
And the title fit the story line just nice where an already broke girl who knows to bake a cupcake, joins venture with a newly broke girl to hope for a better future
"You, cupcake, I, business background, us, success"
This is Caroline's formula
Let's see how far these two broke girls can go
Just wait and watch the series

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