Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So, It's Almost to Become a Black Tragedy

After the unlucky streak day, I thought I'd be lucky the next day
I was not
I had two events to attend
First, the award ceremony
Second, mock trial musical theatre
I missed my turn to get my award
However, I had the fun enough to cover my disappointment
It's lovely to giggle and wiggle with one of your best buddies
So, I don't mind
I wanna congratulate my classmate for being the best student for my programme
I don't want it to be me
I might get the worst for the next sem
So, lucky me on that part
It rained quite heavily
That day
Then, we got to the theatre
It was funny but it was too long
It was taking us hours on the seat to watch it
From 8.30pm-12.00am
Way too long for a theatre
For something fun
Then, I had my weekend preparing my magazine
My career as a part of editorial board was unsuccessful back in school
When I was assigned the task, I was so nervous, having to think abt the past experience
And voila, it's done today!
We printed it out, bond it, and ready to be sent
Yesterday was the day that might be one of blackest memory for me to keep
But, He destined it not to be the blackest even there were remaining black spots around
The day when my rental house was almost burnt to dust
I was out to have some fun
I was having my girl night out
Then, when I was halfway through karaoke-ing
My housemate called
I didn't pick up because the room was so loud
Then, we texted
I got to know some of the gory details
I was fuming but I didn't let the girls know about it
I didn't want to spoil the night like the news ruined mine
Then, when we were going back, that was when I told them
The stove was left burning the pot with oil inside it
I was told one part of the stove was already red
The oil was all dried up
I could assume that the fire was big
My other housemates was going out, too
Half to eat and half to play futsal
When the ones who ate, they got back earlier than the ones who play futsal and karaoke-ing
One of them told me what happened
When they arrived at the post guard, the guards asked them our house number and they told them that our house were on fire
Then, they rushed home with the door wide open since our neighbour who lives above us broke the door open
They rushed down when they received light signal from neigbouring flat that is located a little bit elevated ground, but they can see our building
As I was told, the house was totally full of smoke
Rahman told me that his eyes was painful while we were cleaning since the smoke was quite a lot
He didn't told me how the smell of the smoke
But the remaining smell told me itself how it did smell
It smelt like burnt plastic
The unpleasant scent was still around
I was told that one of the guards was around to watch over our possessions since the house was full of strangers, not the house tenants
I came back at 12.30am
I didn't give a damn of what happened
I need my outing
They've no idea how they ruined my handful number of joyful outings
I thought I could go straight to bed or just watching some crappy things online or just social networking
But, NO!
I'd chores to do
They cleaned the black stains as u can see in the pictures
The upper picture is burned kitchen cabinet
And the lower picture, the affected area which is cleaner on the leaf of the cabinet
There are black dust around
It reminded me and still reminds me of Silent Hill, the movie
Am I Alice?
Where's my daughter??!!!
I guess, it's gonna be awful if I were to be there before the cleaning
Still, the floor was sticky out of the soot
Yes, soooooo sticky
I do some cleaning
With the aid of Rahman
Rewashed utensils
Washed wiping rugs
The things that I love to do
But it will be more pleasing and pleasant if I do it for someone worth such treats
Who appreciate
Who cooperate
Who reciprocate
I'll do it sincerely, even I think they don't deserve such treatment
People always said God is great
And I believe them
I believe in Him


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