Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, Forget It Or Get Mad at It?

I was so not in a good mood
Because of dem problems that I couldn't avoid
I only can dwell on it
I hope I can do something about it
Especially about this big pimple
It is so big
I hate it
But I can't do anything
So sad
Then, I went to meet my bestfren
He was so down that he might need to share it
Dealing with human beings is difficult
We both agree to that
He was back from a debate competition in UTP
As usual, only won 3 matches out of 6 that didn't qualify them for the next round
They called it "break" to quarter
I'm still learning about the system
Nevermind, baby steps katanya
The recurrent occurrence of winning only 3 matches becoming a frustration, to him mostly
Too many 3 winnings
Why not 4?
He felt like he wasn't improving
Even efforts were taken
Challenges overcame
But, nothing changes
It is about a team
If one fails to impress, it affects the others
Therefore, he wasn't happy for what's happening to his career as debater
He was very unhappy, provided the situation just happened
I went to see him partly because I want to know what's happening
I was struggling to digest the information
As usual, my mind was somewhere else
But don't worry, I have it all kept in here *tapping on the temple of my head*
Just that it is scattered
What I did when he told me stories about the events, I tried to remember names so that I can relate the portions of the stories since the stories were made up from different situations
He had a pillow talk session with his former debate team members, the seniors where everything was out, tears were included, back in UTP
He was done with all of those
I couldn't really feel what he was feeling because I am not comfortable crying in front of people
But I don't think that'll make him look weak
Sometimes, people cried because they have been strong for too long, mustering all the courage that they don't have but managed find it, to go through everything
So, he was
He'll get back on his feet in no time
I believe that
I tried my level best be an active listener as I was taught to be
After listening to some of his many stories, I checked up on him whether he was OK
He simply responded, "I'm OK if I am not remembering any of those."
He might not be thinking about it at that moment, but the thoughts might come when he was alone
Just like what I'm experiencing
But that doesn't mean u'll go crazy because of it
Just the matter of how u handle it
I hope he'll handle it well
Just like how he handled everything before
He need a breather
After that, we conversed about something else
Something funny
Something fool
To get distracted
Then, after we finished up our late dinner, we departed on our separate ways
He insisted me to stay at his house
It was because he was worried about my safety travelling back alone
I assured him not to worry
And he let me go
Thank u so much for your concern
I'm appreciative
I'd love to stay at his house
But, I just can't
Sleeping in the morning is like my pill
I need it
I may be more energetic if I were to wake up early
But not to sleep in the morning before class would make something incomplete about my sleep
I need it even I might be disturbed by the passerby at the living hall
Still, I need it
It's ridiculous ain't it?
Yeah, it is.
Tomorrow would be my pilot endeavour selling ChocoChips by KooKies
I hope it'll sell like hotcakes
Finally, everything that is happening around you, it is your call whether to forget the event but not the lesson, or to get mad about it all the time
Your call, you decide.

Goodnight people <3


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