Thursday, November 22, 2012

So, Career Opportunities and Challenges in Club Industry with Additional Excitements

Yesterday, my classmates and I were compulsory to attend a forum
A forum that was only an open Q&A
It was started with talks from distinguished speakers
3 different speakers from 3 different golf clubs

I love the final speaker
He has the persona that I like
He seems fatherly and inspirational with his informative speech that is persuasive
He seems to be very dynamic and moving forward for the best

The other speakers are as good as he is
However, I was too sleepy to be very attentive
I was struggling to keep my eyes open
It was more of respect that I wanted to convey to them
They are respectable persons
I'm at no position to be less respectful to them

They cracked jokes during Q&A session
The northern guy spoke a lot of northern dialect
The straight face and strict looking guy spoke too fast to digest
The inspirational one as usual, as adorable as always

When we were done with our so called forum, outside, there were Performing Live with Sony road tour
Our campus was one of their destinations
They opened a booth, run singing competition
Oh, singing
My favourite and not my best act
But nevermind, I'll try to improvise from time to time

I was thinking why there were many persons gathered around the loading bay
It was because Aliff Aziz was coming to performed
He did!
We waited at the hallway and he passed the very path
Right in front of my face
Our face
Since I was with my beloved group
They are my darlings

He performed 4 songs
We stand far away from the crowd, to really have a good view of him
He is not that bad performing live
One of my friends waved at him and he waved back
All of us giggled with joy, excited!

Four songs done, then, autograph session
My friends were in line to have his signature
We had quite a great time even we were waiting for them feeling like ages
He is soooooooo tall!
Thank God our lecturer cancelled class
Or else, I won't have this experience

Love, love, love!


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