Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, Forget It Or Get Mad at It?

I was so not in a good mood
Because of dem problems that I couldn't avoid
I only can dwell on it
I hope I can do something about it
Especially about this big pimple
It is so big
I hate it
But I can't do anything
So sad
Then, I went to meet my bestfren
He was so down that he might need to share it
Dealing with human beings is difficult
We both agree to that
He was back from a debate competition in UTP
As usual, only won 3 matches out of 6 that didn't qualify them for the next round
They called it "break" to quarter
I'm still learning about the system
Nevermind, baby steps katanya
The recurrent occurrence of winning only 3 matches becoming a frustration, to him mostly
Too many 3 winnings
Why not 4?
He felt like he wasn't improving
Even efforts were taken
Challenges overcame
But, nothing changes
It is about a team
If one fails to impress, it affects the others
Therefore, he wasn't happy for what's happening to his career as debater
He was very unhappy, provided the situation just happened
I went to see him partly because I want to know what's happening
I was struggling to digest the information
As usual, my mind was somewhere else
But don't worry, I have it all kept in here *tapping on the temple of my head*
Just that it is scattered
What I did when he told me stories about the events, I tried to remember names so that I can relate the portions of the stories since the stories were made up from different situations
He had a pillow talk session with his former debate team members, the seniors where everything was out, tears were included, back in UTP
He was done with all of those
I couldn't really feel what he was feeling because I am not comfortable crying in front of people
But I don't think that'll make him look weak
Sometimes, people cried because they have been strong for too long, mustering all the courage that they don't have but managed find it, to go through everything
So, he was
He'll get back on his feet in no time
I believe that
I tried my level best be an active listener as I was taught to be
After listening to some of his many stories, I checked up on him whether he was OK
He simply responded, "I'm OK if I am not remembering any of those."
He might not be thinking about it at that moment, but the thoughts might come when he was alone
Just like what I'm experiencing
But that doesn't mean u'll go crazy because of it
Just the matter of how u handle it
I hope he'll handle it well
Just like how he handled everything before
He need a breather
After that, we conversed about something else
Something funny
Something fool
To get distracted
Then, after we finished up our late dinner, we departed on our separate ways
He insisted me to stay at his house
It was because he was worried about my safety travelling back alone
I assured him not to worry
And he let me go
Thank u so much for your concern
I'm appreciative
I'd love to stay at his house
But, I just can't
Sleeping in the morning is like my pill
I need it
I may be more energetic if I were to wake up early
But not to sleep in the morning before class would make something incomplete about my sleep
I need it even I might be disturbed by the passerby at the living hall
Still, I need it
It's ridiculous ain't it?
Yeah, it is.
Tomorrow would be my pilot endeavour selling ChocoChips by KooKies
I hope it'll sell like hotcakes
Finally, everything that is happening around you, it is your call whether to forget the event but not the lesson, or to get mad about it all the time
Your call, you decide.

Goodnight people <3


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Monday, November 26, 2012

So, Production Team in the Making

For our Hospitality Information Technology and E-Commerce, we are to make a video
The video is about a device that we think is possible to make the information transfer better
To make the experience staying at a hotel be more enjoyable
The pictures are the progress of the shooting

We invited our anonymous upcoming actor
He's one of our friends
And a special invite of another upcoming star to be born, Farah's best friend, Nadia
They are the Fish and the Worm Sista Gangsta

The shooting experience was very enjoyable
We were supposed to start at 11am but due to rainy day, I was running late
The first task was to set up the device prototype
Then, the shooting started!
It was exciting

Time flew so fast
We were burst out laughing like mad people
Everything was hilarious!
There were only a few scenes to shoot but I'd no idea why it should take ages to be done
That's the unfunny part
It was tedious
The angle, the detailing of the body language, the voice tone and volume
Very intricate
Because of its complexity and the fun attached in between

We left with a task to record on how the device is functioning
Also, editing the recorded scenes
After that, voila!
I hope everything goes smoothly

Thank u to all my team members
Special thanks to our location sponsor, main actor and actress, supporting actors, prop manager, director cum camerawoman, and the food
The food was awesome
Thank u so much for everything

It's a wrap!


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Saturday, November 24, 2012

So, UiTM Idol 2012

Yesterday, I joined UiTM Idol for the second time
And it was totally last minute
Even people might say I'd ample time to prepare, I do agree to that
However, I was having a very busy week
Therefore, I had less time to focus on my song and my performance
Last year, I was entitled the Best Performer, much to my surprise
I hoped to maintain the title to myself
I did whatever preparation that I managed to do
I chose Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
The theme of the performance was the same like last year, despair but more destructive
Putting on more eye make up and dirty nails using pencil eye liner
I was voted to be number 8 out of 22 participants
There were so many prizes, unlike last year's competition
I was hoping to at least get one of the hampers
But I'd no idea what to prepare
It was because the judges were different
They were 2 school music teachers and 1 lecturer of UiTM's Music lecturer
Too schematic than artistic, I guess
Last year, we had Anna Raffali as one of the judges
Then, I just did what I thought was best for my performance
I was crawling, running back and forth, going crazy, pulling out hair, made almost crying face, etc.
Trying to portray addiction sensation
I thought I nailed it the way I thought I had
Then, Lena AF came to entertain us
She was awesome
I was thinking to take picture with her but I was too tired
The theme for the night was retro
And I had no idea of that
Kalau tak, lehla amek lagu desperate zezaman dulu
Feeling lebih sikit kot
Kot. Hahaha.
Then, it was the time to announce the winners
The main prizes were the UiTM Idol, 1st and 2nd runner-ups, best performer, best dress, and people's choice awards
I was not in any positions mentioned, even the consolation prizes
To be honest, I was in despair
It was something that I think I love ever since I was little
Lena was right, to start a singing career, u need a real supporter
The rock that u can lean on
Because being an artiste is not easy
Slanders everywhere
Then, it brought me to think about, what should I do since what I think I like to do was not approved by anyone
Nobody thinks and really support my singing
What should I do?
People said, u should do things that makes u happy, that u really have interest in to make u feel happier and less sruggling
Is that correct?
I've no idea to that
I've no idea, what should I really do?
Should I keep on studying to be my niche by doing researches and giving lectures?
But I don't like that much
So, what should I do?
A question that is so hard to answer
Maybe I should go for addiction
To release my inhibition


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Thursday, November 22, 2012

So, Career Opportunities and Challenges in Club Industry with Additional Excitements (Pics)

The first picture is the panellists of the forum and our Deputy Dean of Students Affair

The second picture is Aliff Aziz singing on the stage

The third picture is Aliff Aziz in front of my darlings. One of them behind the tab, another one is gaping in excitement

The final picture is a closed up of Aliff Aziz, going around to get nearer to his fans


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So, Career Opportunities and Challenges in Club Industry with Additional Excitements

Yesterday, my classmates and I were compulsory to attend a forum
A forum that was only an open Q&A
It was started with talks from distinguished speakers
3 different speakers from 3 different golf clubs

I love the final speaker
He has the persona that I like
He seems fatherly and inspirational with his informative speech that is persuasive
He seems to be very dynamic and moving forward for the best

The other speakers are as good as he is
However, I was too sleepy to be very attentive
I was struggling to keep my eyes open
It was more of respect that I wanted to convey to them
They are respectable persons
I'm at no position to be less respectful to them

They cracked jokes during Q&A session
The northern guy spoke a lot of northern dialect
The straight face and strict looking guy spoke too fast to digest
The inspirational one as usual, as adorable as always

When we were done with our so called forum, outside, there were Performing Live with Sony road tour
Our campus was one of their destinations
They opened a booth, run singing competition
Oh, singing
My favourite and not my best act
But nevermind, I'll try to improvise from time to time

I was thinking why there were many persons gathered around the loading bay
It was because Aliff Aziz was coming to performed
He did!
We waited at the hallway and he passed the very path
Right in front of my face
Our face
Since I was with my beloved group
They are my darlings

He performed 4 songs
We stand far away from the crowd, to really have a good view of him
He is not that bad performing live
One of my friends waved at him and he waved back
All of us giggled with joy, excited!

Four songs done, then, autograph session
My friends were in line to have his signature
We had quite a great time even we were waiting for them feeling like ages
He is soooooooo tall!
Thank God our lecturer cancelled class
Or else, I won't have this experience

Love, love, love!


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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So, Teater Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with Love (Part II)

When the show was over, Linda Onn was the one to introduce responsible people for the show that includes the actors, actresses, dancers, and all
Finally, she invited Tun M and his wife, Tun Hasmah up on the stage to join the Young and Old Tun M and Tun Hasmah
I feel honoured to watch the show with the presence of the two of them
They are beyond amazing people
I wish I can be just like them

Linda requested if Tun M could feed Tun Hasmah the pulut kuning that shaped of heart since all of us never witness such occasion
Tun was covering his mouth, jaw totally dropped and that is so cute of him
When he was feeding Tun Hasmah, that Tun Hasmah decided to feed him as well
Tun M was playful when doing that and about to make Tun Hasmah to fall on her back, on the couch
How cute both of them
I pray that God will bless both loving souls to keep on living with eternal love

The show was overwhelming
The actors played their roles very well
Well done to u guys!!!

I was touched entirely when Tun Hasmah told the real feelings of hers
Of what she had gone through
Of what she needed to go through
Of the will she needed to keep on when she was falling
Of the will to keep her love going
In living her life loving the love of her life
She did what she did was for her devotion to her darling husband

The devotion is pure
Nobody can deny that
I don't know if some people might say the show was spiced up to make it more interesting
But, hell no!
I don't think so!
They are what they are from the show
Even more than that
I believe in that

I am really inspired
From how strong she was back then, and still she is
I am lost in thought
Still lost

The experience is totally indescribable
I'm lost for words
I wish my friends had the opportunity to watch it some times later
Maybe later
I'm in love with theatre performance
Yes, I am...


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So, Teater Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with Love (Part I)

Yesterday I watched the final show for a tribute theatre to our former beloved first lady, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah at Istana Budaya
I went there with my lovely sister
I hope she'll share the pictures she took from the show so that I can share it with u guys
The show started late
Because I was late
My sister was there earlier and I felt bad for that and still is
Really sorry
I'd no idea I would be that late
I'd no idea the printing task that I needed to do first was taking ages, unlike the initial plan
Then, I sped to my elder sister's house and then the train was departing the station towards the direction I wanted to go
Yeah, I'd be 15 minutes later
Then, the train as usual, stopped periodically in between stations
On the LRT I got to Titiwangsa before taking a cab
Thank God the uncle was friendly
I was there approx at 9 pm
Looking for my sister
Found her, looking as good as usual, as gorgeous as always
Despite of tiresome, I went on to walk bouncy-ly as happy as I was
I was at IB for the first time
We entered the theatre
I was flabbergasted
The theatre was awesome!
They have LED display of the subtitles
The revolving and moving stage
That's so cool!
Lisa Surihani was up as the Young Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah with the Young Tun Dr. M with Nazim Othman playing the role
The scene took place when Tun Hasmah was about to graduate
My sister and I was missing a lot of flirting scenes
When we were seated, they'd known each other for 5 years already
I hope I got this one right, am I?
I was lost in thoughts
Eja as the Old Tun Hasmah and Esma Daniel as the Old Tun M, they'd made a great couple
In fact, they played the role of the husband and wife of the Tuns very well, I presume
I couldn't really recall all the scenes
So, here are the scenes that I remembered
Not in a particular order
Here we go
First up,
The Midwife Strike
When Young Tun Hasmah treated a pregger due to her malnutrition, the midwives who found about the news felt that the existence of Tun to be a hazard to their jobs
Then, they turned to be hostile to Tun
However, because of her wits, the midwives was persuaded to be nurses
She also emphasised on cleanliness because pregnant mother require great attention
They were all dancing
The Iraq Missionary Mission
The Old Tun Hasmah was persuaded by her sweet talking husband, Tun M, to go to Iraq to see what's happening there
To prove what the tabloids to be right or the other way around
She went there and met the Head of Gov of Iraq at that time
Marina's Birthday
It was when Marina still a kid, she had to accept the fact that her father need to be away from home to meet the PM for some issues to be resolved
She was young and sulked because of that
The Heart Attack
I had no idea about Tun M had a heart attack that required bypass operation
It was because it happened on 1989
I was not born yet
He supposed to flew to the States for the operation
The doctors persuaded Old Tun Hasmah to flew him there
But she insisted that Tun M to make the decision
Tun M decided to be operated in Malaysia, by Malaysian Dr
I dunno about this and knowing it gave me shivers
How brave he was back then
This was when the Old Tun Hasmah broke down and cried to herself
A silent mutter that nobody knows until the theatre
She was muttering to herself that she was not ready to lose him
Even she was amazed by his courage but his decision torn her into pieces
She was scared
But she braced herself, hid the sorrow, and yes, he made it throught the operation
The Scandal
When there was rumours going around about Tun M with some women, she was about to fall
The news wavered the Old Tun Hasmah immensely
She was very scared
She was feeling weak
As she was about to shatter, her sister came to her rescue
Consoled her, cajoled her the way she needed
Her sister said that when there was a glimpse of her smile, that means she still can pull herself together
Tun M needed her and there she was
Strike to Dethrone Tun M
The people who disliked him tried their best to roll him over
They made such a chaos on the stage leaving Tun M on a stage, face down with disappointment, where people throwing papers of slanders
It was when Tun Hasmah felt so bad for him
She pulled herself together to make him feel better
Tun M Stepped Down
This was during the UMNO meeting when he announced his resignation of all posts that he held in the organisation
Again, face down, trying to nod to what people trying to convince him but he stood for what he thought he would do
His announcement astounded the Old Tun Hasmah as well
That was when she was speechless
Her instinct told her that she needed to be there for him as a wife when a husband need one, not as supporter
She was a faithful wife and still is
I was so touched of what the Old Tun Hasmah said yesterday
To be continued...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So, It's Almost to Become a Black Tragedy

After the unlucky streak day, I thought I'd be lucky the next day
I was not
I had two events to attend
First, the award ceremony
Second, mock trial musical theatre
I missed my turn to get my award
However, I had the fun enough to cover my disappointment
It's lovely to giggle and wiggle with one of your best buddies
So, I don't mind
I wanna congratulate my classmate for being the best student for my programme
I don't want it to be me
I might get the worst for the next sem
So, lucky me on that part
It rained quite heavily
That day
Then, we got to the theatre
It was funny but it was too long
It was taking us hours on the seat to watch it
From 8.30pm-12.00am
Way too long for a theatre
For something fun
Then, I had my weekend preparing my magazine
My career as a part of editorial board was unsuccessful back in school
When I was assigned the task, I was so nervous, having to think abt the past experience
And voila, it's done today!
We printed it out, bond it, and ready to be sent
Yesterday was the day that might be one of blackest memory for me to keep
But, He destined it not to be the blackest even there were remaining black spots around
The day when my rental house was almost burnt to dust
I was out to have some fun
I was having my girl night out
Then, when I was halfway through karaoke-ing
My housemate called
I didn't pick up because the room was so loud
Then, we texted
I got to know some of the gory details
I was fuming but I didn't let the girls know about it
I didn't want to spoil the night like the news ruined mine
Then, when we were going back, that was when I told them
The stove was left burning the pot with oil inside it
I was told one part of the stove was already red
The oil was all dried up
I could assume that the fire was big
My other housemates was going out, too
Half to eat and half to play futsal
When the ones who ate, they got back earlier than the ones who play futsal and karaoke-ing
One of them told me what happened
When they arrived at the post guard, the guards asked them our house number and they told them that our house were on fire
Then, they rushed home with the door wide open since our neighbour who lives above us broke the door open
They rushed down when they received light signal from neigbouring flat that is located a little bit elevated ground, but they can see our building
As I was told, the house was totally full of smoke
Rahman told me that his eyes was painful while we were cleaning since the smoke was quite a lot
He didn't told me how the smell of the smoke
But the remaining smell told me itself how it did smell
It smelt like burnt plastic
The unpleasant scent was still around
I was told that one of the guards was around to watch over our possessions since the house was full of strangers, not the house tenants
I came back at 12.30am
I didn't give a damn of what happened
I need my outing
They've no idea how they ruined my handful number of joyful outings
I thought I could go straight to bed or just watching some crappy things online or just social networking
But, NO!
I'd chores to do
They cleaned the black stains as u can see in the pictures
The upper picture is burned kitchen cabinet
And the lower picture, the affected area which is cleaner on the leaf of the cabinet
There are black dust around
It reminded me and still reminds me of Silent Hill, the movie
Am I Alice?
Where's my daughter??!!!
I guess, it's gonna be awful if I were to be there before the cleaning
Still, the floor was sticky out of the soot
Yes, soooooo sticky
I do some cleaning
With the aid of Rahman
Rewashed utensils
Washed wiping rugs
The things that I love to do
But it will be more pleasing and pleasant if I do it for someone worth such treats
Who appreciate
Who cooperate
Who reciprocate
I'll do it sincerely, even I think they don't deserve such treatment
People always said God is great
And I believe them
I believe in Him


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So, the Unclucky Streaks that I Shared on Twitter

This is how I summarize my day on the 8th November
I believe I was unlucky, but I was wrong
I had fun!
Let us go and read how was my unlucky day went.

The following are tweets taken from my Twitter account, @plumandpeach.

"This is how my bad day went."

"I was asleep late at 4am, splurging a little after working for assignment from 7pm-2am straight."

"Then, at school, Ustazah asked so many questions. I wish I can be a little like a bimbo, but I was lack of sleep. I just couldn't."

"Then, went to print assignment. Emailed the cover to speed up but the PC that has Net was being used. All shaky to type the new one."

"I was shaky because I went out during Ustazah class to bind."

"When I checked the CD for submission, there were no soft copy of the report. What? No!!!"

"Lari naik ke kelas, fidgety because I was afraid. Afraid not being able to send the assignment on time."

"Then, when I was to go back to get the soft copy and laptop for English class, met the lecturer for the next class."

"I was forced to tell him that I'm gonna be late. And he gave me that look."

"When I was on my bike, the fuel is at E. I've no idea that the I could make it to the house or not. Nervous!"

"Banyaknya nyamuk. Susah nak tuit."

"When I was at the house, looked for the doc. Found it but cannot burn straight away at that laptop. Needed to transfer. I needed pendrive!"

"When I transferred and burnt the disc, time to speed off to campus. But where's the key? No!!!"

"Off me go, tank refilled, at the campus I made it. Sharp 11.30pm. The time Ms Flora was about to leave the campus for Shah Alam."

"The office I went. She's no where to be found. Asked the technician, it's a she, she said, she usually came by but..."

"Sometimes she got back straight from to Shah Alam. What??? No!!!"

"That she was kind to check for her class. Then, I rushed for her. I was lucky, she was right outside of the office."


"I gave her the completed assignment and she said I was fast. Fast? Like really?"

"Then, we exchanged goodbyes. To the class I went, an hour later than others. My lecturer still gave me that look. Thank God he didn't fume."

"I tried to stay all cheered up. Tiba-tiba bubbly semacam kat dalam kelas and to no avail, he still gave me the look. Haih, unlucky me."

"Then, I was to be a delivery boy for him as he couldn't grab a bite. He had discussions with his students."

"I found that, the male lecturers that I have now, whom I have been lectured by them previously is different. They are more supportive."

"I love that."

"I love the kind of lecturers who don't judge when we asked questions. It can be something good for reverse psycho, but still, it's learning."

"It'll give less good than more bad."

"Those who I love, they are totally patient now. May God bless their souls, amiin."

"I mean, may God bless their lives. The previous tweet sounded like they are RIP already. No good."

"Then, we went to eat. I mean, my bunch of mad and fun friends and I went to eat. I had a very small ikan. Not very lucky today."

"After I finished the class, my friends left me in the class with the lights out. I was still packing. I don't mind that. What I mind was..."

"I freaked out when I could see a black figure at the corner of my eyes. I feel like sb was sneaking up on me. I turned and totally shocked."

"It was the technician. He was waiting for the class to end to lock up the classes."

"I'm all jumpy and I told him that he scared me. Gelak-gelak-gelak. Then, we had a bit of chit chat. I was still shaky out of shock."

"I ran for the lift since they called out my name. Then, I went down."

"We tried to get all the plans for tomorrow's figured. The clouds were black. I thought of texting but I remembered. Sth left in the class."


"I rushed up. Thank God he was still there. My friend's helmet was with my other friend. Another problem to solve."

"She said the helmet was with her. I thought she'd leave it at their motor that I'd grabbed when we got back."

"I've no idea how to contact. To call or to text. I texted. Had qualms to call."

"I was going up and down the stairs, rushed for lifts to get to any points that I should be as soon as possible. Plus, it was about to rain."

"Actually, the helmet was with my rider. I rushed down by the stairs. Waiting is suffering. Say no to elevators."

"I thought I made it before the rain arrived. Much to my dismay, I made it down but it's raining (✖╭╮✖)"

"The rain was a heavy downpour from the campus compound, a little to far from the gate, but not at our residential area. No rain at all."

"Even the soil was wet, but no rain. When we arrived at the post guard, I felt weird glances were on us. We got all soaked up, lencun."

"Ironically, it wasn't raining nearby. The heavy downpour successfully made us look like lunatics. Huh! Unlucky day."

"When I got home, rehearsed a song for my assignment. It was hard. I was struggling to make it sounded good. Urgh! I was hopeless!"

"I was so tired and sleepy. Tried to get some sleep. Was about to sleep but I was thinking about the big bowl of Koko Krunch and Frosties."

"The cereal was made by my housemate. He offered, I declined. I wanna sleep. But he insisted me to eat some. He handed me the bowl. And..."

"NOOO!!! The bowl was upside down. The loads of cereal, like a load, just fell out from the bowl. The milk was all over my sleeping spot."

"Even worse, it spilt on my handphone!!! NOOO!!!"

"I had to remove it cover. Thank God the handphone wore Prada. Or else, I'd no idea how bad it'll be. Gosh, it's a total nightmare."

"I still believe I was still have some luck, but nah, I didn't."

"We were late for the badminton. They played very shortly. Lambat dah kan? In fact, there's only 1 racket extra. No partners to play."

"I was with the girls. We had no idea what to do. Even they rented t courts, but the thrilled was not the same like when they rented 1 court."

"Unlucky me."

"Then, we had our makan-makan time. Ordered roti canai, but the gravy was finished. I had to eat it with chicken curry."

"It was not as bad as I thought it would be."

"I confided in my friends about my unlucky streaks for the whole day, they told me..."

"I was still lucky that everything came out still nicely. Just that it happened the way I wanted in the nick of time. I should be grateful."

"It left me lost in thoughts. I think. And think. And think. Over and over again."

"The thinking is still going. Yes, like now. I like it this way."

"That's how my unlucky streak hit me."

This never-ending and continuously tweets made my friends think I'm changing my Twitter into blog
He gave me the idea to share it here
And I did share ;)


Monday, November 12, 2012

So, Which Way Should I take?

I've no idea which path should I choose
To keep on moving way beyond my will and ability?
To keep it at par, letting things being just nice without making myself struggle? Or to feel like struggling
Back when I was a child, there was nobody cared to explain of what should I know
I couldn't ask because they'd mocked just like the mocking birds
I think, I had too many mockings that made me very sensitive
Being so defenceless, assaulted with too many taunts like I was the black sheep of the family
Like I was cursed, bringing bad omen to the family
That was what I feel
Even though they were just fooling around
There was nobody consoling me
To make me feel better
I made my way up
On my own
To just rely on a few hearts, who was really care
The hearts are including Ibu
Even she was struggling hard to keep up with our upkeep
She worked at a factory with too many overtime
She took sewing jobs for baju kurung and langsir
She was always thinking about others that she thought less about herself
I was the innocent child who know nothing
That she couldn't help to spend much time nurturing
I was young and was thinking, just to make her feel good to have me
As her child
Even I was suffocating for attention, for love
I know, I needed to be strong
And I did
I had no idea of how the feeling to have parents, to be controlled by them
I had no idea going for shoppings
I had no idea of how to ask for things that I want from parents
I had no idea what to tell about them when someone asked me
I had no idea about a lot of things
I want to thank Isrul Nazmi for spending a lot of time, playing with me when nobody wanted me to be around
We built cars and went down the hills with that car, we climbed mangosteen trees, we played Power Rangers
U have no idea how happy I was back then
We departed for so long
I hope u'll accept me for who I am when we meet again some times in near future
To Fatihah
Thank u for being the greatest companion coming back from evening school
U have no idea how excited I was to go back
It was not because school time was over
But it was because I had u to talk to along the way
I misses that so much
When I talked continuously, as usual, riding on bikes
It was nice
I hope we can still be the same when we meet again
Ilani, your bestfriend is getting married next weekend
She used to like me and I like her, too
For the record, I don't think I'm good for her
She deserves better and I hope that her husband to be will treat her right
When I need to figure out whatever I was needed
I would rather making it as simple, yet believable
Even I, myself, have no idea what does it regards with
That was what I've been doing all this while
As long as I passed, I'm already happy
Afterwards, I'll forget what I did
That's for sure
When I was trying to be what I am now was all lies
I've been doing it because I needed to
Not because I want to do it
I used to do things without my consent
Because I was not told to do things for myself
But to keep the people around me happy
And this is true
When I was a pupil, I wouldn't go to the toilets
Because I was afraid of teachers getting mad going back and forth to the toilets
After 6 years of holding the peeing sensation, I got attuned to be that way
Up to the point that I forgot how does it feel to pee
Unless my bladder is totally max in capacity
Now, I practise to go to the toilet occasionally because I think I need to, even I don't feel like peeing
To blog, I do it because I feel like doing it
And I like to pour my heart out here
Much to most people's disgust
To tell all those saddening things to other people as if you are the only one suffering
I just can't help it
I need to let it out
Or else, it makes me feel so not good
Suicidal, maybe
I've no idea how to make everybody's happy
Even the things that might help me to be happy, being despised
That's why I need to address this question
So far, I've no answer to it
I can feel the answer is coming
I'll keep myself busy accomplishing my tasks
Keep it going
And going
And going
Never stop and
Dwell on the past
Kak Ogie cakap benda ni masa Melodi tadi
Still, I have no idea whether I can take it in or not
Let the time decides


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

So, Saksi Terakhir

It was a Mock Trial Musical Theatre
It is about Joji who is accused for possessing drugs
Then, they make it into a very interesting musical theatre of the proceeding to see whether Joji was wrong or not
Actually, Joji is innocent that her auntie has set her up
Her auntie is holding grudge upon her since she has to take care of her and her special brother after their parents died of car crash

The actors and actresses made it so funny
I enjoyed their acting
However, the time taken was too long
I was already tired halfway through
I want to share with you guys the trailer of the musical theatre
Do share your thoughts with me OK?


So, Discover Tioman

I just want to share our project for one of the subjects we took
We were to make a tour package
In order to do so, we planned to go to the notorious Tioman Island
This is a part of the marketing effort of our travel agency Go and See Travel and Tour
We present to u the trailer of the real promotion clips

This is the official clips that we would be using for our virtual travel agency

It's lovely if you guys leave me a comment for improvements
Thank u


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, It's the Pilot Episode of 2 Broke Girls

I've no idea that I'm gonna like something like this
None of us know that one coming
So, here I am
With a new obsession
2 Broke Girls featuring Kat Dennings
Love her more
I've been watching the episodes over an over again
I hope I won't get bored of it
Maybe because I didn't get much of what they said since I was enjoying the jokes
Before I finish laughing at the current jokes, new jokes already on
The pace is fast and I love that
The jokes are much to my preferences
The kinda jokes that I'd love to hear

The opening episode to this show is interesting
Please note that the jokes a little too dirty but not that straightforward
Please don't watch it with your little ones
They probably will have a lot of things to ask and u're gonna sweat in your pants to explain

The opening of the show is to introduce Max Black, one of the waitress at a Diner, who is one of the main character in the series
The other waitress, Paulina, a Russian girl that I've never seen her face
She is fired by Han Lee, or Bryce Lee who is in progress to get his visa to stay in America
He comes from Korea
The very next day, Caroline Channing, who just gone bankrupt, a real fall from grace, she needs a job and Han Lee took her in before Max plead to take care of the Diner herself since she was doing all the job besides having Paulina, the Russian hooker, and the previous one, the meth addict
Caroline, who is still in her Chanel, refuse to wear the uniform due to the unpleasant condition of the uniform
She also put up some rich girl attitude
Still, it's didn't exceed the unacceptable level
She 'enhanced' her resume in order to get Han's attention and he really believed it
"Marry the ketchup" is one of my favourite scene

Then, they call it a day where the introduction of Robbie, Max's boyfriend
He is with his band, listening to the music before they play their own music which may sound alike to the ones that's sound so cool
That's his band's secret, making beats from others' beats
Then, it shows Max's house and the kitchen where she makes her cupcakes
Her effort to make the cupcakes is put on hold since Robbie persuades her to make love to him

The next day, Max is on her way to her second job, babysitting Brad and Angelina, the newly born of Peach who is married to David, she finds Caroline sleeping in the subway train
When she tries to wake her up, after accidentally kissing a black girl while the train is picking up its speed,  she is electrocuted with a wireless taser
The "that's not rape does feel like" like joke got me all rolling around
Then, Max takes Caroline to stay with her in her house

"Max, u just got robbed!" is so funny
Then, off Max go to her babysitting the twins
That is when she found out about how bad the situation for Caroline is when Peach starting to exaggerate on the news about Caroline
Peach is a total diva

Back at Max's home, Caroline is trying to make her uniform "less crustier"
That's when Robbie is trying to hit on her
When the basin overflows, Robbie takes off his shirt to wipe the water
It takes place right after they try to exchange information about each other
"Hi, my name is Robbie."
"And I'm uncomfortable."
That's hilarious!
She refuses to be in Robbie's attention
That's the right things to do
That incident left her uncomfortable

Then, when Max is back to wait tables at the Diner, Caroline is avoiding her, provided that she is afraid Max has found out about the incident between her and Robbie
Actually, Max is trying to be nice to Caroline because of her bad treatment to her earlier on
Then, Caroline tells Max what happens and suggests to Max to leave Robbie that she deserves better
Then, Max fumes and leaves the Diner with Caroline freaks out
Earl, the love of Max's life, explains that, "You got screwed!"

Back at Max's house, Robbie is having sex with someone who plays tambourine
I guess, she was the tambourine girl of his band
He is shocked with Max's coming back
He explains, "You weren't supposed to be home." and that's a total douche bag
Max chases Robbie out that she wants him to be gone when she's back at home from the Diner

Back at the Diner, Caroline is struggling stacking 4 plates full with food
Max comes to her rescue by quoting Han, "We need help, sometimes."
"Hey, this is Caroline. She's new here. She might get your order wrong, but she gets something right."
That's so sweet of Max to say that
Then, Caroline take on Max what's Max see in Robbie
This scene is funny
I love Max's quote, "That thing makes smart girls stupid"
She's referring to the oblique muscles that Robbie has
So sexy that she can't deny it

Then, they get back to Max's house that they retrieve Caroline's horse, Chestnut, the very next day
Still on Chestnut's back, after their ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn on Chestnut, Caroline propose a business proposal to Max
Cupcake Business!
And the title fit the story line just nice where an already broke girl who knows to bake a cupcake, joins venture with a newly broke girl to hope for a better future
"You, cupcake, I, business background, us, success"
This is Caroline's formula
Let's see how far these two broke girls can go
Just wait and watch the series

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

So, Let The Fifth Year Commence!

The first picture is about packing up
The second one is about getting out of the country

It's a reminder
This blog is about me, my life, my opinion, my emotions, etc
Whatever it is, it is about me
Yes, I may sound a little bit too selfish and not being too informative about other things, since this blog is mine and the heck about others
I may be starting out writing about something else
I'm still planning about it
I'll add on a new tab on this blog when I know what to post about
I'll let u guys know
It just that I want to have some connection with something since I barely able to connect with others
With the existence of this blog, I can help people to connect to me by understanding me
Yes, some of us may not interested in this kind of thing but I believe a lot in building emotional relationship with people
Especially to those who is deprived, lack of, deficient of love
Yes, I'm pathetic
Most people is hard to share their feelings due to insecurities, which include me in the bunch
So far, it ruins me somehow, which I'm not realizing it
It's totally not cool
Disregard the word 'self-obsession'
I'm done with it
OK, let's get back to the title
I'm so sorry for being a bitch
I just can't help it

To my bestest friend,

I know u had a safe journey but your real journey has just started
Even u had a little bit delay on the starting point, but it'll be no difference with those who started earlier
As the fifth year student, it's not going to be easier
I feel so bad that I didn't prepare any farewell gift
Even a card

I was too selfish thinking about me which is totally time consuming
I had no idea how did the time flies
Maybe I'm still hormonal
Dear hormones, please treat me nicely

Back to the wishes
I know u changed
Even I don't like it much, I just hope it will do u good
Even, it will make wonders out of u
I don't think it's appropriate to point it out even I want to so badly
Still, I can see u in urself
That's already a relief for me
I know I changed, too
I hope it will not change the way u look at me as your bestfriend
I'm not proud of it either
Please know that, even I may despise u even with the slightest feeling, I'll do my best to be there for u
I hope u'll be doing the same

As for your study
I know it's not going to be easier than before
Things getting tougher daily
Just brace yourself with all the strength u have
Be strong in whatever u're doing because I know u're strong
Yes, you are strong
U need to finish what u've started
I may sounded harsh, but u've gotta do it
No more going halfway
All out all the way!

All the best!
All the best!
All the best!

Finish the fifth year with flying colours
I promise u, I'll do the same
This semester is not as nice as the previous ones
Let us pray for our success :)

Loads of love,

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