Thursday, October 4, 2012

So, When September Ends

The beginning of October means that September has ended
Reminds me a lot Green Day song
It's already four weeks
I feel like I was doin' quite well to fit the lost time
Nevertheless, I love each of the weeks
It has its own interesting story
To tell u each one of them will be quite a lot to take in, so, I'll summarize it, it was awesome month!

September been treating me quite well
I spent more time with my best friends
Went to Malacca tour
It was amazing
They mean the world to me
They are my source of inspiration
Without them, I've no idea what am I gonna be today
Despite the bitchiness each one uniquely has, I love them dearly
I can't think of anything else other than them

I made a skirt out of paper
Spent all nighters with one of them figuring what we gonna do for a dress
Even we are still working towards it
For the dress, I aspire to put on volume and meticulously put together
It was another amazing weekend

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