Sunday, October 7, 2012

So, Give the Strength to My Friend

I have a very wonderful friend
She has been through a lot - rejection, crisis, issues, losses, even cancer (I hope I get this one right)
She lost her mother some time last week
I discovered about that unpleasant news a few days later

And she was fragile that very moment
As if she lost everything
Of course she lost everything
Her mom is no longer around
How hard is that?
If I were to be her, I don't think I can hold up
Just like her

Recently, she went for follow up of her cancer
I hope I'm getting the correct information
I know she is strong

Dear lovely friend,
I looked up to u when we were at NS
Back in Sarawak
U were cheerful, fun, happy back then
Even things got rough, u tackled each one with flying colours

U're leading a very good life, from what I can see
U've been so determined making your life a whole lot better
YCookieMonstah is one of the things u like the most

Now, u're having a great loss, a mother to love
But you still have yourself, it needs u to be very pleasant to yourself
Depression kills u slowly
U might need all the time u need

Even so, please recover from all the sorrow
Take all the time u need
However, not to take to long because u might miss the best moments in your life
And please remember, u have all your friends to lend a helping hand

To help u revive and survive
The ordeal
To help u get back on your feet
In no time

And please remember, we still need u
U're one of the best we have
U're one of the greatest we have
Don't u ever give up
Stay pretty and lovely
U go, girl!

With loads of love,
One of your friends...


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