Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So, Of Corals and Turtle Got the Judges Stunned!

Introducing the designer of Tiffany, Amirul Safuwan, my dearest friend

He was the finalist for Eco Fashion Anugerah Hijau 2012
And he was the first runner up!
We were flabbergasted, speechless even
When he was announced to be the second

Inspired by his project for DYEA, which also an environmental protection project, which also made him the top 3 finalists, he was insisted to keep on choosing being inspired by those wildlife

The process before being one of the winners had been awful and I believe it paid off

He was competing against another nine finalists with their own strengths
There were pangolins, giant panda, swan, and others to compete with
After the courses, training, mentoring, and adjudicating, he won the hearts
Many jaws dropped, much to our delights
But still, we were so scared because we felt that there was only a slim chance for us to kick asses
Yet, he won
It's like a dream

There are a lot of things I learnt, we learnt
There are endurance, perseverance, friendship, and faith
I'm so proud of him
I hope he will keep on doing things he loves
Because he believes in himself
Congratulations, dear!!!


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Sunday, October 7, 2012

So, Give the Strength to My Friend

I have a very wonderful friend
She has been through a lot - rejection, crisis, issues, losses, even cancer (I hope I get this one right)
She lost her mother some time last week
I discovered about that unpleasant news a few days later

And she was fragile that very moment
As if she lost everything
Of course she lost everything
Her mom is no longer around
How hard is that?
If I were to be her, I don't think I can hold up
Just like her

Recently, she went for follow up of her cancer
I hope I'm getting the correct information
I know she is strong

Dear lovely friend,
I looked up to u when we were at NS
Back in Sarawak
U were cheerful, fun, happy back then
Even things got rough, u tackled each one with flying colours

U're leading a very good life, from what I can see
U've been so determined making your life a whole lot better
YCookieMonstah is one of the things u like the most

Now, u're having a great loss, a mother to love
But you still have yourself, it needs u to be very pleasant to yourself
Depression kills u slowly
U might need all the time u need

Even so, please recover from all the sorrow
Take all the time u need
However, not to take to long because u might miss the best moments in your life
And please remember, u have all your friends to lend a helping hand

To help u revive and survive
The ordeal
To help u get back on your feet
In no time

And please remember, we still need u
U're one of the best we have
U're one of the greatest we have
Don't u ever give up
Stay pretty and lovely
U go, girl!

With loads of love,
One of your friends...


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Friday, October 5, 2012

So, This is How We Spent Our First Weekend of October

These were the things what we did
It lasted for 12 good hours, a really good hours
4.00 am - 4.00 pm
Way to go lah!

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So, It's a Wrap for September

Let the pictures tell you stories

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So, Testing to Upload Picture

I'm trying to upload a picture.
Let the shadow of a swan be the first try.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

So, When September Ends

The beginning of October means that September has ended
Reminds me a lot Green Day song
It's already four weeks
I feel like I was doin' quite well to fit the lost time
Nevertheless, I love each of the weeks
It has its own interesting story
To tell u each one of them will be quite a lot to take in, so, I'll summarize it, it was awesome month!

September been treating me quite well
I spent more time with my best friends
Went to Malacca tour
It was amazing
They mean the world to me
They are my source of inspiration
Without them, I've no idea what am I gonna be today
Despite the bitchiness each one uniquely has, I love them dearly
I can't think of anything else other than them

I made a skirt out of paper
Spent all nighters with one of them figuring what we gonna do for a dress
Even we are still working towards it
For the dress, I aspire to put on volume and meticulously put together
It was another amazing weekend

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