Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So, A Crazy Week

After working for three days after the short raya celebration, I was so busy
It's not that busy as a socialite or what
I think I can only wish for it, but being one of them, I mean socialites, seems totally impossible
To me, socialites are the ones who go for occasions
Yet they are so stable financially, unlike me
"In my dreams"
That what myself keeps on telling me
Now, I'm trying to get my financial situation at bay
And also to improve it

Been busy going places, paying visits where my loves lay
Last Friday, I went to my besty's house
He held an open house but I couldn't attend exactly during the event
I requested for a sleepover
I was so excited and arrived at his house exactly as the hand of the clock hit 10pm
I felt bad but Adib said somewhat in a teasing tone, " You are my guest of honour"
Nevertheless, I feel honoured
The laksa Johor was so great!

The next day, I thought he had things planned since he was not that chatty
Then, I let the idea to ask what to do the next day at rest
The very next day, we spent almost 3 hours deciding where to head to
The discussion was not fruitful to fit the purpose of going out
I decided to go to Malacca
Visiting my father's family side
And killing two birds with one stone
To see my other best friends
Adib sent me off to the nearest station
I hate to exchange goodbyes with him but what to do?

Supposedly, that very Saturday, my batch arranged a reunion and as well as visiting teachers and friends in conjunction with hari lebaran yang mulia
I think it's getting to be a ritual from this point forward
An annual ritual during reunion
I couldn't join them
I was too late
We haven't been reunited at any official reunion, like hold an event, or trip to any local attraction to spend our time together
It seems to be so much fun but I think it won't be in near future
Maybe in another two or three years
There should be a head for it

When, I arrived in Malacca, it was late at night
Then, everybody was not homed
And my emotional granny was asleep
The next day, I woke up later than the rest of people in the house
They left for breakfast
I went to see Kepah

Once I reached at his, I changed into a car wash worker
It was fun but the timing was not that suitable
When the sun was scorching directly on your head and you are washing the car?
How crazy was that?
Then, I thought of leaving early
Ever-persuasive Kepah, tried to make me not to leave and he was almost succeeded
But I've something to do
Sacrifice took place
Saying another goodbye to him and Piki
We spent quite a night outing
I'm looking forward to saying another hi

At first, I was to get on bus but apparently, my aunt asked me to go back with my sister by car
That was the first time I drove a car long distance
It was exciting
My sister and I, and we were travelling by car
That was awesome!
We had quite a conversation
Be strong, my girl

I slept only for a couple of hours before heading to the hotel, for my 8.30 to 6 routine
The very same evening, after work, I went back met Ibu and asked her to make me a pouch to keep my charger
We had a great time
I know she can make cute things
I bet she's so lonely
I need to keep her company
I hope this kind of event will keep on continuing

That very same midnight, I went to my rental house for my tight
I hope it worth since I missed my work because of overslept as well as a light headache
I felt bad that I MIA that Tuesday
Very bad


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