Monday, August 6, 2012

So, Sleepover on Early August '12

I was at my old friend's house for one night
My junior actually
It was not really a plan with all those thorough planning
Just that I have nothing to do and it was so long ago that people would say, a long-time-no-see friend
So, his house I went

When I was there, I was welcomed with such hospitality into a humble house of him
I was so overwhelmed with all those kindness from the very moment I stepped inside their residence ground

The friendliness that is more obvious from his parents and he himself

He does not change that much
We had quite a chat
Since I am very forgetful, I tend to ask repetitive questions that he patiently answered each one of 'em

Despite the fact of being deficient, they are immensely welcoming
I'm learning to be like that

For now, it's obvious that he is undergoing the transition of being to be an adult
A mixture of emotions that really put, not only him, but all of us in askance why we are so emotional all of a sudden

I've been there where I had been so ignorant about everything
Totally ignorant
Then, I tend to sleep from night and back to night
I was baffled of what's happening
It's totally questioning

When he said he was not that happy, turns out to be moody once I left his house, I know what's happening to him
But I don't want to explain
Not that I don't want to ease his uneasiness, but I want him to experience it
Nonetheless, I'll try my best to be there for him
To keep him company even I am so sucks at it
I'll do my best to keep a conversation going
At least, I can develop my social skills

If I would advice him, I would say, just feel whatever the feeling is
However, don't let it get him, because most of it is about sorrow
Yes, somehow environment tends to affect the emotion but try to look at things at different perspective

For example, a person suffers a lot in living a life
Despite the poverty, he keeps on going, even to have a fake smile on the face
By keeping a hard work, even there is no guarantee for a normal life, it teaches him the value of perseverance, discipline, all the values that we cannot earn with a formal education
Therefore, things may happen for different reason but how hard it is, there are always silver lining in the sky
I hope he will stay strong

"What doesn't kill u make u stronger," says Kelly Clarkson


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