Friday, August 3, 2012

So, It's a Call for a New Will Power

This post is about my new determination as I am aware of my results for previous semester
Yes, there's a little bit of a drop
However, that is the opportunity cost that I need to face since I'm spending too much time having a great time of my life with my fellow friends

Ouch! The sole of my feet hurts
How I wish I could've ask my ever-annoying brother to massage just now
And yesterday, when my sister and I popped up at our home out of the blue, he turned out to be extra annoying making him an ever-extra-annoying brother
I hope it'll only applicable yesterday
Now, back in KL, getting ready to go for my practical

So, back to the topic, I am blessed to have that kind of results
Anyhow, it's not that good to get a drop
But, it's the moment where u learn
If everything went absolutely fine, u'll find it a little too much cosyness that may lead to stagnant performance
So, better to have ups and downs, highs and lows

To all my supporting system - my ibu, my family - thank u for understanding me, for not pushing me too much to spend time with uoll that I feel very bad because of it
Thank u for understanding the fact that I need my time to do something for my future, for our family's future
Thank u so much

To all my friends, thank u so much for understanding that I may not be the best friend u'd ever have but I will try my best to get the best out of u because I believe, everybody's worthy, in their own way, there's no such thing that "u're useless," a saying that we might always hear in the drama called Life
U have ur own value for the community
Therefore, I want u guys to keep up with whatever we are doing, going up higher from our original stance
Since we are learning, yes, it is our responsibility to do changes towards the good goals within us
Let people see us as one of the educated persons we have around us
The one who can be dependant on
The one who can be worthy to be around
Be somebody, instead of nobody
We have another year to give it a shot
I hope I can help as much as I can while I'm helping myself
We help each other

On top of all, to dear God
Thank u so much for everything
I hope u'll keep on blessing me
Testing me and do please tell me that I'm tested, in your own way
To help me see what u're teaching me, what u're moulding me into
Since You are The Most Knowledgeable, about everything!
Therefore, I need your guidance to help me through what u've set for me
I am grateful

Still, I wanna thank u to all my readers
I name uoll PlummyPeachers
U like it?
Or, if u do have any creative name, do let me know
But I need to include both of the fruits, plum and peach
I just want it
In fact I love plum so much
Peach? Hurm, not yet confirmed because I only tasted the ones in those can of syrup
Till then, see u in the next post

My new determination: Keep it up with a smile!


(p/s: some people said bad things about people who write about themselves and I shall answer, "Do I look like I care of what u said bad remarks about the whole idea of writing about our own self?" Aha!)

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  1. a little bit like award winner punye speech. but anyhow, CONGRATULATION!!! i m proud of u!!! =)

  2. Thank you. Ahahahaha. Bolehla nak pinjam ayat-ayat ni. bhahaha.

    BTW, thanks again :)