Friday, August 10, 2012

So, Congratulations Pandelela!

I planned to watch Pandelela Rinong dive
I was so darn tired to stay up until 2
When I was totally sleepy, it still 12.45am, if I got the time correctly
But I'm very sure of that it was not even past 1
Therefore, I went to sleep in, sending my prayers for her silently
Off to bed I went

Then, I woke up remembering nothing
That's totally usual
I experience that everyday

Suddenly I remembered in the middle of sahur
After I finish, I started to look up for the results
She won a medal
A bronze one
It doesn't matter what medal she gets but I am totally elated
It's a dem medal!!!
I feel like jumping all over the house, yelling to all our neighbours
But that's only happens in my crazy dreams

Thank you Pandelela
U're making Malaysian to be even prouder to be Malaysian
Keep it up!!!

Yes, we have to support our team, regardless of what the sports events are, big or small, doesn't matter
Because each of the support means the world to the athletes
To polish their talent
To be better each day
To be our representatives in any sports events
Yes, we need to support

Congratulations, Pandelela!!!
I'm so proud of u
Malaysians are proud of u!
Love u!


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