Thursday, August 23, 2012

So, Beraya-Raya 1433H (Macam-macam Hal)

Yesterday was the only day I went out for visiting family for this Eid Mubarak
Friends later kot

I'm happy that my cards reached most of the recipients already
*hand in the air just like Christina Aguilera always do*
To those who didn't get it, I'm really sorry because there are many constraints

Our journey started at about 10 o'clock
The tentative was to head to rumah Mak Long, rumah Nenek, then, rumah Atok where an annual family gathering
As usual, we crammed in that petite car
The road was not that congested
We were lucky
We reached rumah Mak Long timely
We hang out in amazement to the renovations the house had undergone
It might not be one of the luxurious imaginations we might have when it comes to renovation
Just that the house seems more spacious, brighter, and more beautiful
Like putting make up on a plain face
I thought we were going to be there for short time only

I was wrong
I was uncomfortable under that fitted garment I put on
It was an eyesore to look at uneasy Abah
So, I was expecting to leave before 3

Again, I was wrong
We departed from rumah Mak Long at about 5
Mak Long was helping Pak Long, assisted by their children, with some aid from Ibu to prepare the food for annual family gathering
A gathering that usually come with a bit of discussion about family
Sounds as if everything was in order
Atok is trying to, but maybe the family members are lacking of organisational behaviour skills
So, every efforts taken was very hard
Every suggestions were seems impossible

Back to the story, when we were at my kampung, we got down from the car to visit our relatives nearby rumah Nenek
Mak Long was with us to rumah Nenek
We joined my other two aunties who already at my Oyang Saudara house
Oyang used to teach me how to recite the Holy Quran as well as berzanji
I don't think she remembers me now
It had been years
I just found out that Nenek just read my raya card on that very day we reached kampung
As if we handed it by hand, whereas I actually posted it

Along drove Abah directly to rumah Nenek to rest
Ibu couldn't get enough chat with our relatives
I think Ibu has the potential to be more that what she is doing at the moment
I need to figure that out, later
I hope I will

Then, we gather at rumah Nenek before heading to rumah Atok, two different houses since Nenek is the first wife to Atok that Atok lives with his second wife
Much to our relief, haha

I ate leftovers that Nenek left after her break-fasting
Then, had a bath and rolled into a big yellow towel
I felt like I was a Siamese shaman
The water was cold and I love it

I was so happy because I was united with my favourite aunties, even some of them used to be the most hated one
We chatted, we laughed out loud, we cracked too many jokes, and so much more fun

The fun continued when we arrived at rumah Atok
It was drizzled before it rained quite heavy before it stopped
The food prepared earlier on at rumah Mak Long were already placed accordingly in a line making a simple buffet line to feed them
I chose not to eat because first, I ate already, secondly, because the food prepared for lesser heads than the total number of heads

It rained and that caused no discussion
And I was having my imaginary party in my head
No serious talking or thinking were going to take place
I had quite a chat with my, I should say, closest cousins
And as usual, I missed out to exchange goodbyes with them when I leave the house
Cerap, my younger brother, went off with his friends to visit their friends somewhere in Johore
He took off before we got off from the gathering

My leaving turns out to be much quicker
I wanted it to be as casual and relaxed
But, there's always so called 'straight-forward' relatives that we have were so blunt, saying things without even considering
I never saw this one coming
I wanted to be me when it comes to family
But they turned out to be person that I don't like
They are the ones with 'Mulut Puaka'
Haih, couldn't help to sentap since the encounter until halfway through to the toll plaza
Thank God I had back up from Ibu as well as my lovely Mak Cik
Even it was insufficient to cut off the throats of the bitches, but I'm grateful for them, accepting me, for me

When I was struggling with my emotions, very disturbing feelings, we got a call from Cerap
He involved in an accident
He wanted to go back with us, back to Klang, that he was already at the hospital to check
He asked us to be at rumah Mak Long
U-turn we made, headed back to our first checkpoint

Then, Cerap got there from the hospital
He might be shocked but he managed to maintain his composure
He didn't break down and cry
Proud of him
Strong man, he is

Our cousin settled with the person who got my brother off of the bike he was on, breaking his shoulder and a few big scratches, even got the spare parts for the broken bike on the same night
The funny part was, I was told that, the person caused the accident was colour blind that he insisted to drive for food as he was hungry
He hunted for roti canai
He was only about to leave his house grounds into the road and boomed!
That's how it happened

Cerap is going to be homed for 3 weeks before the next check-up
I hope he'll be back on his feet in no time
He is a strong guy

We supposed to head back to Klang the very same night since Abah don't like to stay at anybody's house except for his own
He broke his own tradition
We slept at rumah Mak Long as Mak Long insisted us to stay because she didn't feel good about us going back

So, the next day we head back to Klang as if nothing happened
This is the part that I like the most
When something happened, we don't exaggerate it, at least when I'm around
I hate to think too much on something that is very simple in the first place
Complicating things won't make it any easier

We treated ourselves with KFC
We were supposed to go to Perak since Abah sangat bersungguh-sungguh nak balik
Due to the accident, it was delayed to the next day
But I can't join since I need to get back to my practical training
And I practically living alone at my sister's house at the moment

That's how my Raya for this year
Less relatives I managed to meet, less duit raya
Tak best, memang tak best!
Hopefully I could pay them a visit later on during this celebration month
Not solely because duit raya, just wanna meet them in person :)

Wow, panjangnya post ni
See u guys in the next post ;)


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