Thursday, August 23, 2012

So, Beraya-Raya 1433H (Macam-macam Hal)

Yesterday was the only day I went out for visiting family for this Eid Mubarak
Friends later kot

I'm happy that my cards reached most of the recipients already
*hand in the air just like Christina Aguilera always do*
To those who didn't get it, I'm really sorry because there are many constraints

Our journey started at about 10 o'clock
The tentative was to head to rumah Mak Long, rumah Nenek, then, rumah Atok where an annual family gathering
As usual, we crammed in that petite car
The road was not that congested
We were lucky
We reached rumah Mak Long timely
We hang out in amazement to the renovations the house had undergone
It might not be one of the luxurious imaginations we might have when it comes to renovation
Just that the house seems more spacious, brighter, and more beautiful
Like putting make up on a plain face
I thought we were going to be there for short time only

I was wrong
I was uncomfortable under that fitted garment I put on
It was an eyesore to look at uneasy Abah
So, I was expecting to leave before 3

Again, I was wrong
We departed from rumah Mak Long at about 5
Mak Long was helping Pak Long, assisted by their children, with some aid from Ibu to prepare the food for annual family gathering
A gathering that usually come with a bit of discussion about family
Sounds as if everything was in order
Atok is trying to, but maybe the family members are lacking of organisational behaviour skills
So, every efforts taken was very hard
Every suggestions were seems impossible

Back to the story, when we were at my kampung, we got down from the car to visit our relatives nearby rumah Nenek
Mak Long was with us to rumah Nenek
We joined my other two aunties who already at my Oyang Saudara house
Oyang used to teach me how to recite the Holy Quran as well as berzanji
I don't think she remembers me now
It had been years
I just found out that Nenek just read my raya card on that very day we reached kampung
As if we handed it by hand, whereas I actually posted it

Along drove Abah directly to rumah Nenek to rest
Ibu couldn't get enough chat with our relatives
I think Ibu has the potential to be more that what she is doing at the moment
I need to figure that out, later
I hope I will

Then, we gather at rumah Nenek before heading to rumah Atok, two different houses since Nenek is the first wife to Atok that Atok lives with his second wife
Much to our relief, haha

I ate leftovers that Nenek left after her break-fasting
Then, had a bath and rolled into a big yellow towel
I felt like I was a Siamese shaman
The water was cold and I love it

I was so happy because I was united with my favourite aunties, even some of them used to be the most hated one
We chatted, we laughed out loud, we cracked too many jokes, and so much more fun

The fun continued when we arrived at rumah Atok
It was drizzled before it rained quite heavy before it stopped
The food prepared earlier on at rumah Mak Long were already placed accordingly in a line making a simple buffet line to feed them
I chose not to eat because first, I ate already, secondly, because the food prepared for lesser heads than the total number of heads

It rained and that caused no discussion
And I was having my imaginary party in my head
No serious talking or thinking were going to take place
I had quite a chat with my, I should say, closest cousins
And as usual, I missed out to exchange goodbyes with them when I leave the house
Cerap, my younger brother, went off with his friends to visit their friends somewhere in Johore
He took off before we got off from the gathering

My leaving turns out to be much quicker
I wanted it to be as casual and relaxed
But, there's always so called 'straight-forward' relatives that we have were so blunt, saying things without even considering
I never saw this one coming
I wanted to be me when it comes to family
But they turned out to be person that I don't like
They are the ones with 'Mulut Puaka'
Haih, couldn't help to sentap since the encounter until halfway through to the toll plaza
Thank God I had back up from Ibu as well as my lovely Mak Cik
Even it was insufficient to cut off the throats of the bitches, but I'm grateful for them, accepting me, for me

When I was struggling with my emotions, very disturbing feelings, we got a call from Cerap
He involved in an accident
He wanted to go back with us, back to Klang, that he was already at the hospital to check
He asked us to be at rumah Mak Long
U-turn we made, headed back to our first checkpoint

Then, Cerap got there from the hospital
He might be shocked but he managed to maintain his composure
He didn't break down and cry
Proud of him
Strong man, he is

Our cousin settled with the person who got my brother off of the bike he was on, breaking his shoulder and a few big scratches, even got the spare parts for the broken bike on the same night
The funny part was, I was told that, the person caused the accident was colour blind that he insisted to drive for food as he was hungry
He hunted for roti canai
He was only about to leave his house grounds into the road and boomed!
That's how it happened

Cerap is going to be homed for 3 weeks before the next check-up
I hope he'll be back on his feet in no time
He is a strong guy

We supposed to head back to Klang the very same night since Abah don't like to stay at anybody's house except for his own
He broke his own tradition
We slept at rumah Mak Long as Mak Long insisted us to stay because she didn't feel good about us going back

So, the next day we head back to Klang as if nothing happened
This is the part that I like the most
When something happened, we don't exaggerate it, at least when I'm around
I hate to think too much on something that is very simple in the first place
Complicating things won't make it any easier

We treated ourselves with KFC
We were supposed to go to Perak since Abah sangat bersungguh-sungguh nak balik
Due to the accident, it was delayed to the next day
But I can't join since I need to get back to my practical training
And I practically living alone at my sister's house at the moment

That's how my Raya for this year
Less relatives I managed to meet, less duit raya
Tak best, memang tak best!
Hopefully I could pay them a visit later on during this celebration month
Not solely because duit raya, just wanna meet them in person :)

Wow, panjangnya post ni
See u guys in the next post ;)


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

So, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1433H

With this opportunity
In conjunction with the festive season
I would like to wish everybody
Especially the loyal readers of my blog:

A Happy Eid Mubarak!!!
Maaf zahir dan batin

May your celebration day after successfully fasting for a month brings all the joy to your lives
Jom kita enjoy!!!


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Monday, August 13, 2012

So, 1433H Kad Raya Sent

It is my first time I send out kad raya to my loved ones

The ones who I miss a lot
The ones who means a lot to me
Wanna get the traditional way of celebrating Raya
Wanna get in touch in old-fashioned way

For starter, I only sent a handful of kad raya today
I'm so happy that I managed to send it before today's collection

I have no idea what to write
I want it to be personal
I really want the cards to be something meaningful to them
I hope it'll reach before raya


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So, It's Called PHH12

This is the best part in August for me besides the anticipation for Raya and Raya itself
I had one of the best time in my life
A Prince Hotel Holiday with besties!!!
They turned into beasts as well
U'll get the deets later on

Initially, I thought of my tight budget which never allows me to go with them
But impromptu response from myself
I went to join them and been on a cloud 9
Looks like a brand of a chocolate, that cloud 9, innit?
So here we go
Let the story begin!

|The Gathering|

We were supposed to gather at 1.30pm at Pavilion
But the jam was sucks till the point where everybody in the car turned into beasts
But I was the sleepy beast
Gave less response despite the rage inside
We were stuck at a very patience-testing jam for hours
Prior to stuck in the jam, I supposed to be at my bestfriend's house early in the morning
Due to tiredness of the nice treats and gruesome experience, I woke up late that I need to do some chores before heading to his house
I managed to catch a train and arrived at the meeting point at 1pm
Then, I was there until half an hour past 2pm
It was hot, felt like to faint
Still, managed not to
Then, they arrived
I was the sleepy beast
Gave less response despite the rage inside
I contemplated that they were stuck in jam
Afterwards, we headed directly to the hotel we were supposed to check in after hours stuck in jam, together

|The Check In|

We were still not well-oriented about the hotel layout
Therefore, the feeling of lost was there and we were like cavemen who checked into a grand hotel
We even had no idea where to park, is it OK to park here or there temporarily, it uses a room card for parking like really?
Upon check in, we parked our car since we retrieved the room key card
Then, we were baffled that there are separate lifts that we were needed to take before we could get into our rooms
We had no idea to get the access to our room floor needs the usage of a room key
Thanks to the very 'welcoming' staffs there, since coincidentally they were also taking the lift
We got into our rooms
Initial occupants: 3

When we settled, we had a photo shoot
So called 'photo shoot'
Then, we rested, waiting for the rest to come, to the very same room :P
We laid down on the bed
I was on the window seats that I've been dreaming to sit on
It was so exciting
I was enjoying my time sitting despite overlooking from level 17

How high is that? Vertigo innit?

|The Arrival Continue|

They got there and I intended to go down and fetched them at the hotel lobby
Somehow, my besty and I had forgotten the fact that they required the room key to get access to the hotel rooms
We decided to wait in the room
When the arriving besties took the lift, the lift went up but then it went back down
They freaked out
Fortunately, I was the only one who haven't get naked
So, I went down

When I got down, I was so excited that I literally squeaked
I just couldn't help myself letting out a few squeals out
Up we went
Total occupants: 6

|The Journey to Hadramawt|

When they had arrived, we exchanged greetings
Everybody seemed very happy including me
Then, we got ready for our break fast at Hadramawt Restaurant
The location of the eatery was not known by any of us, all 6 heads
With the aid of technology, we tried to figure out the location
I was about to faint when they decided to only walk to the location which is about 2 km away from out starting point, PETRONAS Twin Tower

They were too preoccupied with their catching up that they care less about getting there
To them, it was near
We walked and then we took a bus
Some of us were flabbergasted in terror to get on the bus
I asked the female conductor, who is not a Malaysian, for the location
There are 2 Hadramawt Restaurants
Either Wadi Hadramawt or Hadramawt Restaurant
We turned to be the centre of attraction in the bus
We were so ashamed
I felt like to smash the person next to me
Because he directed both air-conditioner air hole to him
Silly ye**a!

The embarrassment continued
When we alighted from the bus, most of the people on the second level, which is an open air section, saw us, gaping, even laughing at us
How silly we felt at that moment
To get down from a bus to enter a fine restaurant should be something to be admired
But I have no idea why they were laughing, those silly people
They were a group of people who arranged break fast gathering
And all of them sucks!

We entered the restaurant
The shamefulness resided a little that we were enthralled by the beauty of the ambiance
Very captivating
We were seated

|The Beasts|

During the break fast, the food was insufficient
We remained patient
But we were turning into beasts because the others made us to
I mean, the other patrons of the restaurants
It was an addition of the current dissatisfaction, too full, too crowded

They were chasing after the food as if they haven't been eating for ages
They cut ques, go after food like caveman despite the gender
They even lost control
Even, the laddle fell onto one of my besties' shoes
How scary is that?
We fumed and about to explode
I'm just trying to look at it as a funny experience

No wonder they were so into the food
The food was delish!
Love it much
For me, it was good because even I am not a big fan of Middle Eastern food
It was slightly above par
Love the drink called vimta

Afterwards, we went back
We proceed with our missed activity: shopping at Pavilion
We went out of the restaurant
We tried to get away from the sight of the silly people upstairs
I was thinking of taking the bus but the insist not to
We walked and talked just at the side of the road just like we saw in the movie
It was fun
We opted to wait for taxi at the bus stand farther

The unforgettable moment was to cross the road
The Egyptian student is used to crossing a hectic street
Left us the Malaysian students
We were scared to death to cross the street
Halfway through the road, the traffic was heavy again
We were screaming our heart out, on top of our lungs
The feeling is like you're about to fall from a crumbling cliff

When we were at the other side of the road
The drama continued
We needed to use to taxis instead of cramping all 6 of us in one cab
I was on the second cab
One of us uttered, "Ikut teksi depan, uncle!" in a stern tone, as if we were chasing after criminals
The traffic remained heavy
We reached Pavilion at about 9 o'clock

|The Quick Shopping|

We went to a few shops
Very quick glances
And this part is also going to be short
Nonetheless, they managrd to get a shirt or two each
Back to the hotel

|The Show|

We were back at the hotel room
We were having a 'show'
It's hard to describe that I think I just skipped that part
Some of us were about to sleep
Most of us were passive since we were digesting the food where energy were consumed for that

Our Junior Researcher friend in UK called via Skype
Thank you to Safuwan for the broadband
Each of us talked to Fuad exchanging news about each other
He was still fasting
More hours to go for break
Afterwards, we talked, we sang, we giggled, and we wiggled
We were getting ready for early sahur

|The Sahur|

We chose to eat at HR Steakhouse at Kampong Baru
The journey to the place was quite a new experience to me
It's because to be at a village within minutes from the hectic and congested roads
Since we were not really a KL people, we were getting use to get lost for directions
We thought we might not secure any seats but apparently, there were many empty seats
We ordered
Most of them ate lamb chop
I ordered sirloin steak, much to my disgust because I am not a big fan of meat, since chicken chop was not available and I had oversaw my favourite on the menu, fish and chips
The fruit juice were delish!!!
Most of us had mango juice which was fantastic and served in jumbo glass
I spent quite a lot but I just feel like doing so since I'm rarely pamper myself with good food
The food arrived a bit late
The place also already became like a dumpster, much to Adib's disgust
As for Acap, he was a bit dissatisfied since he did not get 'more lamb' as he requested
Piki was the most silent among us but he made an impressive punchlines when he opened his mouth
We went there by Kepah's car
Nobody mention anything about the food
It can mean, the food was good and the price is so reasonable

|The Plan|

We went back approximately after 4am
The initial plan was to go to Jalan TAR for shopping but we cancelled since everybody was tired and we were short of time to get ready before imsak

We laid down and suddenly new idea popped up
The next trip
My goodness, the discussion was one of the discussions that I'm looking for
A very productive discussion, I guess
The deets are disclosed
I'll update it from time to time

While we were preparing the plan, we drank
Until we barely had anything to drink anymore
We felt we needed more water but to go down buy new bottles was impossible
We waited for azan and performed our prayers before we slept

|The Check Out|

As usual, to wake up a bit earlier than the others are impossible for me
Adib was up early that he was the first to get dressed
I think I know why he was early that day
It was because he wanted to shop besides he was afraid to be charged for late check out
Most of us got up lazily, got dressed and took a longer time to get ready
When were checking out, it was nerve racking as we occupied a room with six persons
Fortunately, the check out went smoothly
Off to Pavilion we went

|The Shopping Spree|

Despite the heaviness on our steps, we managed to get some clothes for Raya
Adib took the longest time to find a jeans
We whined because we were very very very exhausted
He bought the same shirt with Kepah
However, Adib was the early bird

When we decided to leave, the rain was pouring heavily
We decided to redah that hujan

When we arrived back at the hotel to get the cars, we exchanged goodbyes and promised to get MPH13 to be realized

I am still feel the excitement even it ended yesterday
Maybe it is the starting point of our travelling together
There are more to come
Looking forward to it


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Friday, August 10, 2012

So, Congratulations Pandelela!

I planned to watch Pandelela Rinong dive
I was so darn tired to stay up until 2
When I was totally sleepy, it still 12.45am, if I got the time correctly
But I'm very sure of that it was not even past 1
Therefore, I went to sleep in, sending my prayers for her silently
Off to bed I went

Then, I woke up remembering nothing
That's totally usual
I experience that everyday

Suddenly I remembered in the middle of sahur
After I finish, I started to look up for the results
She won a medal
A bronze one
It doesn't matter what medal she gets but I am totally elated
It's a dem medal!!!
I feel like jumping all over the house, yelling to all our neighbours
But that's only happens in my crazy dreams

Thank you Pandelela
U're making Malaysian to be even prouder to be Malaysian
Keep it up!!!

Yes, we have to support our team, regardless of what the sports events are, big or small, doesn't matter
Because each of the support means the world to the athletes
To polish their talent
To be better each day
To be our representatives in any sports events
Yes, we need to support

Congratulations, Pandelela!!!
I'm so proud of u
Malaysians are proud of u!
Love u!


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Monday, August 6, 2012

So, Welcome Back Home!!!

My bestfriend safely arrived in Malaysia from Egypt yesterday
I am so excited to see him, and still am while typing this down


Been missing u so much
Hearing your voice on the phone just now making me so elated!!!
Only God knows

Looking forward to our meeting but I hope I can make it since u love to invite to fancy places
I have no idea have it all for all those things
To only see u, is enough
Going places together, is a dream
We'll do it later, I promise u that


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So, Sleepover on Early August '12

I was at my old friend's house for one night
My junior actually
It was not really a plan with all those thorough planning
Just that I have nothing to do and it was so long ago that people would say, a long-time-no-see friend
So, his house I went

When I was there, I was welcomed with such hospitality into a humble house of him
I was so overwhelmed with all those kindness from the very moment I stepped inside their residence ground

The friendliness that is more obvious from his parents and he himself

He does not change that much
We had quite a chat
Since I am very forgetful, I tend to ask repetitive questions that he patiently answered each one of 'em

Despite the fact of being deficient, they are immensely welcoming
I'm learning to be like that

For now, it's obvious that he is undergoing the transition of being to be an adult
A mixture of emotions that really put, not only him, but all of us in askance why we are so emotional all of a sudden

I've been there where I had been so ignorant about everything
Totally ignorant
Then, I tend to sleep from night and back to night
I was baffled of what's happening
It's totally questioning

When he said he was not that happy, turns out to be moody once I left his house, I know what's happening to him
But I don't want to explain
Not that I don't want to ease his uneasiness, but I want him to experience it
Nonetheless, I'll try my best to be there for him
To keep him company even I am so sucks at it
I'll do my best to keep a conversation going
At least, I can develop my social skills

If I would advice him, I would say, just feel whatever the feeling is
However, don't let it get him, because most of it is about sorrow
Yes, somehow environment tends to affect the emotion but try to look at things at different perspective

For example, a person suffers a lot in living a life
Despite the poverty, he keeps on going, even to have a fake smile on the face
By keeping a hard work, even there is no guarantee for a normal life, it teaches him the value of perseverance, discipline, all the values that we cannot earn with a formal education
Therefore, things may happen for different reason but how hard it is, there are always silver lining in the sky
I hope he will stay strong

"What doesn't kill u make u stronger," says Kelly Clarkson


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Friday, August 3, 2012

So, It's a Call for a New Will Power

This post is about my new determination as I am aware of my results for previous semester
Yes, there's a little bit of a drop
However, that is the opportunity cost that I need to face since I'm spending too much time having a great time of my life with my fellow friends

Ouch! The sole of my feet hurts
How I wish I could've ask my ever-annoying brother to massage just now
And yesterday, when my sister and I popped up at our home out of the blue, he turned out to be extra annoying making him an ever-extra-annoying brother
I hope it'll only applicable yesterday
Now, back in KL, getting ready to go for my practical

So, back to the topic, I am blessed to have that kind of results
Anyhow, it's not that good to get a drop
But, it's the moment where u learn
If everything went absolutely fine, u'll find it a little too much cosyness that may lead to stagnant performance
So, better to have ups and downs, highs and lows

To all my supporting system - my ibu, my family - thank u for understanding me, for not pushing me too much to spend time with uoll that I feel very bad because of it
Thank u for understanding the fact that I need my time to do something for my future, for our family's future
Thank u so much

To all my friends, thank u so much for understanding that I may not be the best friend u'd ever have but I will try my best to get the best out of u because I believe, everybody's worthy, in their own way, there's no such thing that "u're useless," a saying that we might always hear in the drama called Life
U have ur own value for the community
Therefore, I want u guys to keep up with whatever we are doing, going up higher from our original stance
Since we are learning, yes, it is our responsibility to do changes towards the good goals within us
Let people see us as one of the educated persons we have around us
The one who can be dependant on
The one who can be worthy to be around
Be somebody, instead of nobody
We have another year to give it a shot
I hope I can help as much as I can while I'm helping myself
We help each other

On top of all, to dear God
Thank u so much for everything
I hope u'll keep on blessing me
Testing me and do please tell me that I'm tested, in your own way
To help me see what u're teaching me, what u're moulding me into
Since You are The Most Knowledgeable, about everything!
Therefore, I need your guidance to help me through what u've set for me
I am grateful

Still, I wanna thank u to all my readers
I name uoll PlummyPeachers
U like it?
Or, if u do have any creative name, do let me know
But I need to include both of the fruits, plum and peach
I just want it
In fact I love plum so much
Peach? Hurm, not yet confirmed because I only tasted the ones in those can of syrup
Till then, see u in the next post

My new determination: Keep it up with a smile!


(p/s: some people said bad things about people who write about themselves and I shall answer, "Do I look like I care of what u said bad remarks about the whole idea of writing about our own self?" Aha!)

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