Sunday, July 29, 2012

So, Ramadhan Back in School

When my best friends and I were in school, we used to break fast together
Almost everyday except for certain weekends
Actually, I'm overwhelmed with all those memories that I couldn't really write about it
So many things crept into my mind
So many good even funny memories

Lemme share some of it
We used to break fast at the surau that is meant for visitors that's called Al-Abrar
We were never allowed to eat elsewhere except for the dining hall
But we were young foolish and happy
Rules are made to be broken
That was what most of the people said
Even, we ate at the gazebo near to the edge of the cliff at the back of the school building
Also, we had our break fast at the at the ironing room
It was fun!!!

What we ate?
One of us love so much kuih cara berlauk
We always had it because he liked it so much that he ordered from those who were going to the bazaar
Every classes took turns to go to the bazaar
Murtabak was also another must have thing
We even created murtabak with extra flavour of ubat gegat since we always lost our remaining food that we hung outside of Musolla for moreh
Intending to teach those who steal a real good lesson that we even thought of being expelled because the trial of murder

When we were up for sahur
Everybody got up very late
One of my friends were really scared of dehydration that he drank a 1.5L bottle water during sahur all to himself

After Asar prayers, we had our tadarus
One day, one juzu'
We were sleepy heads already at that time
We always tried to sneaked out, not to be at the tadarus
Naughty innit?
Tido kat dalam bilik asrama
Kalau tak bernasib baik, abes kena sembur dengan air time tengah syok tido

Oh my goodness, I just couldn't recall a whole lot more
I'm really sorry
I hope I would be able to do so

All in all, it was fun!
I hope I am not totally disappoint u guys
See u in the next post


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