Sunday, July 8, 2012

So, it's unfair or what?

Life has never been considered to be as fair, by most of the people
We are not able to really feel that we are treated fairly
Speaking of fairness, there's nothing really can explain what's fairness
In all the bad things happening, it's not only the bad effects are rising, there are also a good one
For example, u got robbed, u felt as if u lost a lot of money. But, w/o u realizing it, u turned out to be even more careful in every steps u made, provided u're a very extra extra careful person

Speaking about a person, there are nobody can make u feel that he or she have treated u good all the time, and also either way around
Humans are made with weaknesses
We can't avoid that
We can only reduce it to the maximum level possible but not all
Even he or she has tried their best, but when we expect to be treated well, but he or she doesn't meet the expectation
So, it's unfair for them to be treated by us badly since we were not satisfied
Then, who's at fault under this circumstance?
We don't know, right?

Therefore, it's nice to give and take at most of the time
It's also not wrong for u to throw tantrums and being rebellious
However, accept the fact that other people will do the same, just like how u wanted
Maybe the degree is different since we are not robots programmed to be a uniform species
Everybody is programmed to be who they are

Things are not always like we wanted
Be flexible, not too rigid
Even the people that we think that is not worth our love and attention, our assumption is not entirely true
People who we think deserve it might not be the one who deserve it, it may be for the ones we hate since they are not really that bad actually

So, there's no rigid answer to this question
So many answers can be given

Before I finish, I wanna make a birthday shoutout to my dear best friend, Fuad Mohamad
May u achieve what u wanna achieve
May God bless u, ur family, friends, and our friendship
Till death do us apart
U guys can wish him on Twitter
His tweet handle is @fuadxy

And, I just love Haley Reinhart new album, Listen Up!
U guys should check it out and she really will get u to listen up to her songs
They are awesome
I just found out about it yesterday, around this time, 3am sth
Go and check out
It's awesome!

Remember, to give and take
Take it or leave it.


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