Sunday, July 22, 2012

So, it's Ramadhan 1433H

Alhamdulillah, it's the second day of fasting
I felt as if I'm facing a hard time to begin my fasting session for this year
The feeling of excitement that had been the feeling to welcome Ramadhan was not the feeling for this year
I was so gloomy, so sad, and the consternation was unexplained
I don't know why I was having that kinda feeling
But I believe, there's something behind it
So, I braced myself to stay strong

Yesterday was my first time to help my sister to open a booth at a bazaar Ramadhan in Kg Kerinci, selling nasi ambeng, a signature food for Javanese and other dishes for break fast
At first, the idea to help was the last thing that I would consider
In fact, I don't like handling F&B
So, I was not looking forward to it
Then, when I was there, I was struggling to keep up with the tempo
To add up the frustration, ketibas (ketiak + basah = ketibas) was inevitable
I was totally wet under my armpit and that was a total discomfort
There still something to 'enhance' my frustration, my favourite shirt was spilled with some of the kuah lemak, same went to my favourite jeans
My goodness, I had no idea how much the frustration had been multiplied
However, I braced myself with more patience
Trying to find entertainment in all of the bad luck

Today, it was better
Less frustration
Everything went well
And I am grateful for what happened on the previous day
It taught me to be more careful with my steps taken
I started reading Message in the Bottle by Nicholas Sparks
Actually I have 2 pending novel besides this one that I just started
I want to really feel the story
Not only blindly reading it
Ish, rasa macam obligated to finish it up when I started something up
So, I need to finish either three of them before proceeding with another new one
I want to finish the novels within these two months
I know it's impossible but I am only planning to do so
So that I've something in mind that rings, to remind me I've got something to do when I've got nothing to do

Tomorrow, first time bekerja di bulan puasa
Rasa macam nak berbuka kat hotel
Tapi boleh ke?
Hm, will see what happen
Semoga semuanya baik-baik belaka

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan almubarak
Semoga segala keberkatan hidup dapat dipertingkat dalam bulan penuh barakah ini
Diharap dapat digunakan masa ini sehabis baik!
See u in the next post


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