Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So, It's my 22nd Birthday...

I feel like don't want to post because there were fun parts and also the no-so-fun parts

The fun part were, impromptu break-fast at Bora Ombak!!!
I was on the cloud nine when I heard first from my dear friends
We didn't plan to be at such exquisite place
A simple berbuka and maybe pieces of cakes would do but we were blessed for more
We only planned to break fast at the common food court

Besides, I had a good time with the two of them
But I felt bad that I was out late from the office and needed to pay a bill
Even we were afraid of getting there late, we were there early
We had no idea what to do to pass the time, we took some pictures
Despite the uneasiness in the office wear, like I care
I was enjoying the time of my life

Another fun part were to say thank u to those who wished
I am so happy, and still is
I don't think I could thank them enough
*senyum sampai telinga*

The not-so-fun part was that, most of my best friends were not wishing me
I felt so bad that I'm gonna kill them if I see them now
It's birthday! A BIG DEAL!!!
Before this, I always took birthday for granted
And I'm not doing that now
I try my best not to forget since I'm forgetting much now
Trying very hard
Again, very hard not to forget
Aren't they take any initiative to do so?
They seem like not to care
If they care now, it still minimal, not enough
Go to hell la!
I'm fuming right now

I'm fasting
I'll be patient

May what are the wishes by the well-wishers are coming true, about my dreams and all that
Thank u very much for those who made my day
Thank u very much for those who don't
I'm really sorry if my words in this post hurt u, I didn't mean it
I'm just being human


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday dear 'sweet' bro.. hehehe.. Sorry for late wish, n congratulation for ur result.. =)

  2. 'sweet'?
    thanks kakak
    main post je, xsempat nk publish comment ni
    thanks a lot kakak!!!
    lap u, muah!