Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, I Finished Reading 'When In Rome' by Gemma Townley

I hope I got the author's name right
Please note that I was saying it in a singsong loudly that I danced along with it
Rasa nak nyanyi lagu Fergie jugak pun ada
I finished the novel on my first working experience during fasting month
That's soooooo kewl!
After a very loooooooooong time trying to finish it up

Ok, back to the main agenda
When in Rome is about a story of Georgie Beauchamp who was in love with Mike but the split that she went for David, a very romantic and responsible accountant lover
She is very witty, I like her character so much
Since the story is form the first view perspective, which the author - who is also a cellist, a bassist and a singer - choose to see from the view of Georgie
That is when I get to feel like I was her
I mean, I love the way Georgie describes things and it really likes me
Just that she's a British, I'm a Malaysian
I laughed quite a lot when I read
I read it when I was waiting for trains, filling up my free time
And that makes me like a mad man, looking at his cell and suppressing a hysterical laugh to an uncontrollable giggles
She's so funny
Georgie and David love so much the Roman Holiday movie, starring Audrey Hepburn

The story teaches me that we need to be rational that Georgie ends up to team up with Mike, the bad guy who steals money from people to pretending building up record label company, money laundering instead
This makes me think of integrity
Georgie does not know about the fact that she is being used
The incidence put David's job in jeopardy
David is the one who is responsible to investigate Mike's activities since he is not reporting his financial status
Even David does not know that Georgie is involved since she is told by David to stay away from Mike and there's an arising issue of trust

Georgie feels like she is not being trusted by his own boyfriend and she tries to figure out things on her own
On the other hand, David believes that she was listening to his order, apparently she is not
He's trying to be protective to her, since he loves her so much
I presumed, he is too overprotective of her
In the end, she is the one makes the thing intricate

However, Georgie is the one solves the problem
In addition to the betrayal felt by David, actually, he already has a betrayer
Vanessa, who is his partner in his big accounting firm who has been co-operating with Mike to leech out all of the information about the investigation activities by David
Jane, the David's loyal secretary, loathes Vanessa since the beginning she was with the firm
It's getting more interesting towards the end
The story ends up with a happy ending
She manages to get things unwind with the aid of her funny mother and husband
She learns a lot from the incident, especially on being independent and not being too complacent
She is now ready to face any music she needs to face, in person, not to run away
David intends to change his overprotective behaviour and get back together with Georgie

To me, David and Georgie makes a perfect couple
I love the part when they are together, so romantic, omit the erotic part
It's not that so much porn in it
Just soft porn
Then, the story is so loooooooong and the plot is expanding quite late
It makes u feel tired of waiting
But that's actually the thrill of reading
I learn to read in between lines by really imagining the setting
Not perfectly equal to the author's imaginations, at least it fits the situation, provided the language barriers
That help to understand the story
I still having problem to tell story from a story
Always get haywire

The story demonstrates the internal conflicts that may occur to all of us daily
How to make decision, it's a yes or no
To tell or not to tell
To find out or just let it go
To do it or not to do it
It's immaculately explained it out
I love it so much
I know the story is quite common but the way the author puts everything together is immensely interesting
I would give 4.5 out of 5 stars
Try to google it up for more information
Gotta go to bed now
See u in the next post


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