Monday, July 16, 2012

So, 2nd Year is Over

As time went by as fast as lightning bolt that I barely felt its movement
Now, I'm waiting for the train to come, for the time to tweet again since I exceeded my daily tweet limit just to spread the news about Haley Reinhart's new single release, Oh My! featuring B.O.B.
Great song, u guys should check it out!

My semester 2 has come to an end
To tell you the truth, I'm dreading about the results
Rumour has it the results will come out on 3rd of August
I think that to early
I haven't do much about being seriously studying and getting to learn about those subjects
And I didn't redeem myself by revising so hard for the finals
And that added up my worry
However, everything is said and done
I think, it's better for me to stay calm, keep on praying for the best
I need to believe that exam is the assessment to see the level, high or low, that we can examine ourselves in order to do a better job
Hoping for the best

Now, already in the train, heading to may internship place, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur for the second session
Now, in Financial Department
I have not set what I would like to expect to learn but again, I want to observe
To learn how to really work
To function accordingly
That's what I want to do since role-play is the best way to learn at this point of age
I'm about to arrive
Excited or not excited?

To all my friends,
Happy semester break
Have a great holiday ahead
Happy fasting
Do as much beneficial activities as u can
Prepare for the next semester will be better
Early preparation will allow us more fun
See u guys anytime soon
Lotta love, Haley Reinhart *ehh

OK, I'm already at my destination
Will blog from time to time
See u around, PlummyPeachies!


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