Monday, June 4, 2012

So, welcome back to your home country


I hope you have enough retreat
I hope you have recover from, what they called it, jetlag
I hope you know what jetlag feel like
I hope you still remember me

I am totally excited to have dates with you!!!
I am totally looking forward to your next plans, with loads of 's'

I think I have no idea how to initiate
I think I am a good supporter

Please know that I'll support you
Please know that I'll do whatever to help

Keep the momentum up, even u had a very rough time
But u manage to seal the sorrow
I don't think u were sad about that
Just feeling unlucky about it
"Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby"

That's what u called as "The Climb"
The one that He designated for you
You have a very great faith
You have a very great determination
Just for you information, I adore you for that

Let us be friends, best friends, or beyond best friends
Keep it up
Make your family proud of you
But please, not to lose the faith to Him

Yours sincerely,


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