Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So, Thoughtful Thankful Tuesday

I grew up in a not-so-well family
We had a lot of issues going on but we think we should let it be at rest that we haven't do much of talking about it
Like I heard it on TV, feelings are like fire, the more we focus on it, the bigger it gets since the focus that we put on it is something we called as fuel, like petrol, gasoline, and the likes
We live like nothing happened, despite the state of being deficient in so many ways

When I am having great friends around me now, I feel like I'm alive

I haven't had the experience of dining out with my family
But u guys lemme feel eating out with a family

I haven't had the experience of driving here and there with my family
But u guys lemme feel to drive with a family around in Shah Alam, Melaka, PD, and anywhere possible

I haven't had the experience to get on the bike with my family members, going to places nearby like grocery shops
But u guys lemme enjoy the wind while I am on the back of the motorcycle while a family member is riding

I haven't had the feeling of shopping with my family, of new baju raya, baju kemeja, and others
But u guys lemme have company to go around to shop with a family, despite the less money that we had at that time

I haven't had to laugh so much with my family
But u guys lemme laugh so much with my family that I started to crack jokes and laugh with my real family

Thank u so much for the experience
U guys are more than friends
U guys are like my real family

I just don't know how much I owe u
I hope that we'll remain the same despite the rough weather that coming onto us
I just don't know how to explain this wonderful feelings
I don't think I can thank u enough

But please, accept my profound apology if I hurt u in any way possible
Please know that I'm way much grateful than I think u know
Thank you.


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