Saturday, June 30, 2012

So, it's an exam syndrome

"Adoi" is the word that I keeps on uttering every now and then
It's because of the syndrome to sit for exam, feverish sensation adds up to runny nose
I'm afraid that I'll atishoo too much tomorrow in the exam hall, sitting for the first time

Demam, selsema, pening, sume tu alasan-alasan cliché yang tak patut dijadikan alasan untuk tak score

Just try as hard as u can, do whatever it takes, under any of the circumstances given
Of course it'll in God's hand, the results
But remember, if there's no effort being put into, the results will be the same
I'm amazed by the very passionate friend of my to travel all the way from Malacca to polish up her skills on a subject that she's not confident with
*tabik spring*

It's also because of that u're not going to sit for any of this kinda exam later in the working life
Eh, I just realize that this is a good point to ponder!
To my own surprise from my own ad hoc opinion
It shows babbling is not really a bad thing to do
It helps to get u ideas

All the best to my fellow colleagues for the final exam!!!
May u come out with flying colours for this semester and the followings
I hope I am not too late to wish to my friends since some of them are already sit for a few papers
May u did well and keep on the good hard work
I believe in good hard works will pay off in time
Whether we realize it or not
U'll realize it when the time has come


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