Saturday, June 2, 2012

So, it's dinner time

Now, I'm dining with my dear housemates
They just came back from Shah Alam at dusk when I was taking my nap
Afterwards, Thundercats was on TV but I was having hangover-like feeling
Then, I didn't watch the modern version of Thundercats

At the very moment, suddenly, I am attacked by the pang of missing the moments I had with my bestfriends

These are some of the moments that I missed the most

When we were eating, I passed the chilli on his plate because he loves chilli

When we were in the car, we sang along to the blaring radio, when it played our favourite songs

When we dined, we exchanged our dishes, to get everybody to have the taste of them

When we left in a room, we gossipped a lot about everything. Even, catching up until the sun came out

When we walked, we made fun about everything we said, relating to anything available in the surroundings

When we stressed, we made funny faces, stupid moves to reduce the tension in the atmosphere

When we were watching the telly, even everyone was focussed on that idiot box, I found a sheer joy in that silence

When I was down, you were always there for me. But it was long ago, provided one day I feel like a year without rain

When I felt I was nothing, you cheered me up, making me feel like I was on top of the world

When I felt I couldn't do anything, you were there, saying all the things that I needed to hear. You came just at the right time

I feel so blessed that I found you guys along my way on the road, called "Life"


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