Sunday, June 10, 2012

So, it's called "Little Cottage"

It's located at Saujana Utama, a place that I assume to be a hidden city
To explain that, all the way from my place at Puncak Alam to Saujana Utama is mostly barren land
When you are coming from my place, you'll feel the same

In addition, this area is more developed than my residential area
I was here to see my friends having their lunch
They offered me their food but somehow, I don't feel like eating at the moment
I'm so sorry for that

Thay had mee goreng, two sizzling yee mee, and spaghetti fettuccini carbonara
Also, mini burgers that were so cute!
I came all the way from Klang, straightaway to Saujana Utama

I felt sorry for them that I couldn't be together with them for our role play assignment

The outlet was a bit haywire since it is establishing
For starters, I think they made a good progress
Just that, they need to improve their food preparation period
It is because they were waiting for a very long time for their own respective orders

For me, it was enlightening
You guys should eat here to help them getting even more established!


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