Saturday, June 2, 2012

So, it should be a serene Saturday

It has been a while I did not write a post
So, here we go...

Today, I wake up to an empty house
I only hears the sound of the fan, rotating to its max speed
Last night was the awkward night that I was left by my housemates that they told me that they are leaving for Shah Alam on the eleventh hour
At first, I felt like, "My goodness, why they weren't telling me yesterday?"
Sentip punya statement la
But, I thought about it again and again
The very same thought revolving in my head
I was upset but I tried to reason out
And I came up with this idea, "Why am I worrying to much about some people who do not want them to be worried about?"
It's not that I'm being obnoxious, I just want to make myself feeling worthy
I'm easily worried over small little things that sometimes drives me crazy
Like a person can drive off from the road, into the whatever possibilities, when he was distracted over a dot of spilled sauce on the passenger seat
As simple as that, the distraction that might lead me to major headache

However, they still worth to be worried upon
So, I won't be mad, just that I lower down the level of my "caringness" on them
They are good friends

I feel like to doze off even longer but I just can't
I was baffled with the assignment that I put it on hold
I don't think I can finish up
My goodness, that's one of the statement that will make my friends' faces gone white
I just cannot let them down
It does not matter even my paper will be a cliché paper but I'm thinking of, "Let us get in done!"
Somehow, I feel like it is impossible
My friend once said, "Cuba berdengket-dengket, jangan tak buat langsung"
I will do that
I will think overly on a very simple things
*trying to do reverse psychology*
Psikologi balikan, they call it in Malay


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