Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So, it is almost fortnight it been gone

It has been almost two weeks' time that my precious pencil case gone to someone else's hands
I miss it very much
Very, very much
Maybe not many people around me now, knows how much it means to me, the pencil case

It has a very unique memory
I had been with it for almost 6 years but we will never have our sixth anniversary
Listening to Sara Evans' Stronger album just reminded me of my pencil case
Just so you know, I barely listen to the song words
I am more into the mood, the emotions of the song than the words

This country album just reminded me much of it
I miss the cute Sabah key chain given to me by my best friend
I miss the rare key chain that my former roommates gave me, it was made from clay that he made it himself that I asked him so that he gave me and he did
And I lost it

I miss all of my stationery
I miss even more and more and more my old stationery
Most of them were with me more than a year, even the eraser
It was from my diploma years
The pink mechanical pencil
The pinned button attached to it with my initial letter on it, boldly displayed whenever it was out of the bag
Oh, I think I should try not to remember each of it
That will make me be extremely depressed
I just can help but to endure the sorrow when one of my precious and having much of sentimental values is gone forever

Maybe some of you will never understand

I can only hope that the picture of it will stay on my mind, since I have no other picture of it
This may sound silly
Again, maybe some of you will never understand
Or all of you?
I don't mind if you want to criticize me but this is what I choose to happen,
I want to keep missing my pencil case, even one of my friends said, "Let it go"
I will but not forgetting it

Now, I have a new one to replace it
But it is not as exciting as my lost one
I don't get excited when I pick the new one out of the bag

Dear pencil case, I'll miss you as long as I can remember you.


(p/s: It may sound psychotic, but again, maybe some of you will never understand. Or all of you? IDK)

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