Sunday, June 24, 2012

So, fun, fun, fun weekend retreats

I was back at my rental house
Actually, that's not the great news that made me go woohoo
It was the weekends retreats
In two weeks in the row

I was flabbergasted and on the cloud nine
The first one was last week
I was with my besties to look after our juniors in Interschool Debate Competition '12
It was the first time for me to be at IDC even the chance might be for me since I was in secondary school
It was a great experience
My besties are great debaters that one of them managed to be the top 10 debaters in 2007's IDC
Still, they are still great debaters and I am proud of each of them

We'd been so supportive to our juniors till we were accused to be the secret informant to the competing juniors
We're shocked and felt bad to our juniors because they were the target team
Even so, we just continued to enjoy ourselves and support our team
I felt blessed for the weekend
I believe the team can do better than that
They need training

The second retreat was over a few minutes ago
When I stepped back inside this house, after exchanging goodbyes with my besty
He sent me back to this monotonous life of mine
However, I don't mind
I have to bear in mind that everything has its own goodness and badness
Think +ve

Then, our weekend started when we were conversing about the latest updates of each of us, even we were just met the previous week
We are so obsessed about each other
But, I can't help but to forget most of the details
The only thing I'm sure of is that, they are one of the places where my heart lays
The talking and bitching keep on until 3am
The next day, we went for banana leaf meal
The meal supposed to be tasty but something when wrong, I flipped the banana leaf indicating that I disliked it
Maybe we'll try at another branch of it, somewhere in Bangsar
Then, we went to Song Box
One of the best place to karok at the best rates
Very affordable, the best price ever
Then, we said goodbyes to one of us, leaving the two of us

Then, we went to get char kuey teow for our late supper
We went to Warisan Sambal Opah (if I were not mistaken)
The char kuey teow was awesome!
But the portion was not sufficient for the both of us
Actually, the restaurant serves nasi lemak
The buffet line is full with delicious dishes We were tempted to buy the nasi lemak, at least to kill our craving
But, to no avail, because we were out of time
Then, we took away otak-otak that tasted so nice but it will be nicer if it was still hot, provided we ate them very late at time since both of us are too busy with our new gadget, note that my besty's is newer than mine

Today, we slept like there was no tomorrow
We went out and got our brunch, meatballs at IKEA
The establishment was so full that the food outlet barely had any empty seat for us
Then, off we went back after we finished buying things
Then, the retreat was over

I was so happy
I just couldn't convey the feeling with words
I just wanna convey my gratitude by saying thank u so much for it
I don't think I can't thank them so much
Let us pray for our friendship will last forever


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