Friday, June 8, 2012

So, cliché is not cliché at all

I have this thought going on in my mind
I think I have written about this before, I guess
But somehow, I think I want to write more about it

To help me getting rid of this very scary revolving ever-annoying thoughts
To help me be more productive

The goal that I'm trying to reach
To be as productive as I can
I think I couldn't do it yet since I haven't define what I really want to do
Still thinking over and over about it
It is because I am still studying
I want to explore more about what the world can offer
That's what they called it as, information gathering

Back to the main topic, cliché is not cliché at all

The way people say, "cliché lah wey," is so demotivating
It makes me think to be out of the box
But the question is, am I able to do so?
Or are u?
That is a simple question
But yet, can it be resolved?
Yes, it will be a great think if you are able to do so, but it will consume more even more than u thought it would be

Seriously, I'm annoyed with that kind of remarks
Especially from those who speaks louder than a big speaker at weddings and influential in the class or in the community
In addition with more sarcasm, it just really depressing
It just drags me down, down further deep inside the big black hole
Into nothingness
My goodness, I'm really struggling to stay out of the "cliché circumference"
To stay out of "cliché-ness"

I need to tackle this thing like a rugby player, tackling their opponents, drag them down to the ground, to impede their opponents' movements, to ease their way to score for more points
That's what I'm going to do it
But I'll do it in a way that does not involve any physical encounter
It's more towards mental strength

Ok, let us go down, on how to tackle this thing
I came up with a very simple thought
It's like life where there is a circle, where they called it as, the wheel of the world, turning around

Products also have its own life cycle
Therefore, it can be concluded that, anything in this world will go back to where it may passed, in some other time
We can called it as cliché since it is repeating, redundant
Same old, same old

On the other hand, the problem arise when u said the word with the accompaniment of a message: "So lame!"
That is the part that you are feel you work is worthless

In fact, most of the things that is considered to be cliché are the ones that being modified to be one of the greatest things in this world
The people who is very far-sighted, will neglect what people might say in the first place
There are always rooms for innovations
Don't try to put yourself in a very difficult situation whereby you try to get away from the shadow of cliché-ness
Try to improvise things
Also, u don't have to think much about the hidden message, which is "So-lame" message
It will reduce your productivity
Believe in, "Great success start from a simple, small steps"
I don't think I pick the line from anywhere
If it was accidentally to be the same with the existing one, the message is the same
"Starts small to go big"


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