Monday, March 26, 2012

so, starting nicely but how about the continuation?

Seriously? Is it happening?

I have no idea of what the heck happened to me
Am I being ungrateful just like how I was when I was in Form 2?
The good start that I began with for my first semester wasn't good enough?
Or is it too good for me that I'm starting to lose the vibe and hype of being a student?

I guess the answer is the latter
I haven't been into my studying mood or mode that I supposed to be for exactly three weeks now
It is not a good progress, I shall say
It is indicating something bad
But somehow, it is something that I can't help myself, on how to do it
On the other hand, I'm thinking of doing something
Being creative, improvise things

To start afresh with new plan will help but IDK what I'm planning to do

So, I plan to go with the flow
It sounds like a plan, isn't it?
Let see what will happen
Oh, this is scaring me because I have no idea of what will happen
This is not good since I'm freaking out

S'okay, I'll do something about it


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