Saturday, March 24, 2012

so, it's the time to get bitchy

Yee harr!!!

The Internet was in yesterday and I was only going online very late night after going to IKEA for a very short shopping trip as we were a little late as to persuade one of our caring housemates who refused to go in the first place.

Then, the conclusion from the stable Internet connection is to be bitchy even more. 
Blogging Beyotch :*
Another thing is, I have to develop my vocabulary so that you guys are not going to get boring as the monotonous tone of the posts after this and the number of posts is increasing, I reckon and I hope :)

This morning I slept only for about 45 minutes before headed for Japanese class, our final lecture with this awesome substitute sensei, who earned RM30k when he was only 26 but I dunno his current salary. He's so inspiring. I hope he'll be my guru for life prospects.

I want to bitch some more.

I had a very light accident that I was losing my control when I was riding my bike, with a friend at the back, at the roundabout where I didn't get to make a full U-turn which ended up with me, getting up on a curb, losing balance, and fell down on my left. Thank God my friend was not injured, it was just me. Minor scratches on the wrist, shoulder, hip and knee. That's all. As for today, the wounds are dried already, forming the scab, indicating they are healing.

Hmmmm, do I have anything to bitch?

Yeah, it's about my interwoven wardrobe, which is ancient for its age. I was trying to redo the way I constructed it earlier with my brother. When I saw my friend did his, I found that I was wrong. Right after I came back from my Friday ritual - going shopping or at least go somewhere that consumed my time until it was back pitch dark, just like how I left the house early in the morning, in short, my Friday ritual is day-in-day-out outing - I dismantled everything and reconstructed it. After I complete building it back, I was about to doze off on the dilapidated couch, my room door was suddenly closed. I thought it was a ghost trying to play hide and seek with me. Got all the goosebumps, really. I braved myself and I looked inside, I was frustrated to see the 'rubble' right before my eyes. Then, I pulled myself together, trying to ignore the anger, I managed to redo it, back to its early shape, the wrong way of building it which seems very stable. Afterwards, I felt like doing some organizing works but I am totally exhausted. Then, I go online.

And blog :)


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