Sunday, January 8, 2012

so. Penang 3.0

The Madness continues...

The next day, we woke up a bit late.
We were exhausted from the adventurous and long waiting on the previous day.
We got ready, all packed up just five minutes before 12 which was the checked out time.
If we were too late, we would be charged.
We were thankful that we were on time; even we were golek-golek on the bed comfortably, refusing to get out of it, pushing one another to hit the shower first.
It’s funny to recollect that one.
Getting out of the bed is our primary problem, even back in school.

We went straight to the campus for the clearance process which I thought it would be very tedious and tiresome.
The sequence went like this: HEA, Library, College, Security Dept., Faculty, Bursary, HEP, and back to HEA.
We left Fuad at the library so that he could use some rest a little while and surfing the Net.
He could avoid all those staring eyes, looking weirdly at him, confused was that Rihanna was in town.
He had enough of it when we were on our way to the library from the main entrance of the campus.

Along the process, getting from point to another point before the final point, Helmy and I met Kak Mas and Ika at Laman Perdana, two of our dearest friends.
Afterwards, we planned to break fast together with them, along with Dean and Fuad, without Helmy.
He left earlier because he was afraid that he couldn’t catch the last bus to Taiping.
We had our meal like a feast.

The simple food which was plain rice with respective choice of fish which was deep-fried accompanied with another dish and foods that we bought from bazaar Masjid PERDA, took us one hour to finish.
It was entirely the eating time, not including the time that we waited for the food.
And still, there were a lot of leftovers after we had gave up eating.
Zillions of thanks we would like to say to Kak Mas for the zillions of foods.
This was one of the sweetest thing had ever happened to me.
And that was how Fuad’s Penang Adventure ended.
For Fuad, I am very sorry that I am being your host was not at your utmost satisfaction and didn’t get to take you for the campus tour at my former campus.
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