Sunday, January 8, 2012

so, Penang 2.0

Oh my goodness, the sequel comes too late. I think it has diminished the excitement of my readers, (eh, ada ke? hahahaha)

So, let begin the continuation of The Madness in Penang with Fuad Mohamad and Helmy Haris :)

Note that this is merely a composition which I didn't attach any photos. You can look at my facebook :)

The unexpected fun began when we checked ourselves into a budget hotel called Upstairs Hotel.
It was a quite unique name whereby the rooms were really located upstairs.
It was simple but attractive, to me.

The so called hotel had I dunno how many rooms it catered but each rooms was featured with two mini-queen sized bed (because the size was not as big as a single bed, as well as not as big as a queen bed), en-suite shower (note that the toilets were located at the end of the hallway, outside the rooms), and the room was quite clean.
I think that they deserve an appraisal because the uncle was a restaurant owner who had been very busy with the customers and operated the hotel as well.
That consumed much of energy from an uncle.
In fact, the uncle was so friendly.
Even though it was a budget hotel, it had the proper record system which he kept our data in a book which I think he got it for the license.
He abode the rule of making the business and that was a good example to portray.
The other feature that I love about the room was that it was air-conditioned!
We were relieved because we didn’t have to endure the burning heat of Penang at that time.
Though the pillows were small but I think they were cute. Kawai deshita.

The moment we checked in, Fuad was continuously giggling throughout the process.
From meeting the uncle until finished up the registration as well as the payment, he just helplessly could not stop giggling.
I was just playing cool.
I did not want the uncle might get offended by perceiving us being laughers of his business.
I was about to burst out laughing but thanked God I could keep up with my suppression of those funny experience checking in a budget hotel.
This was the second experience of me checking into a budget hotel impetuously, without any booking prior to arrival.
I rarely stay in a hotel that I stayed at my friends’ houses.

We slept until 2pm from 10am.
After we woke up, we prepared ourselves for the island.
We went to Fort Cornwallis to cam-whore.

Afterwards, we headed for Padang Kota which was nearby and enjoying the sea breeze as there were nothing else to acknowledge to.
After that, we decided to go to a bazaar for berbuka puasa.
The bazaar was located at the Queen St.
We discovered about the bazaar was from the uncle who sat at the public toilet.
He appeared to be a beggar to me but he was so friendly despite the fact that we were so afraid to engage any conversation with him.

When we arrived at that so called bazaar, we found that the food a little bit pricey as to compare to our budget.
Besides the expensive foods, there were beggars all around us – the crippled, the single mother, the handicapped, the little boy, et cetera et cetera.
They were annoyingly persistent to get money from us.
They were scaring us at the same time.
 I think they changed their initial strategy from acquiring sympathy to be aggressively provoking the people they encountered.
To tell you the truth, they were scary despite that most of them who got near us were kids and we were terrified by them.
To get rid of them, we needed to be fast.
I decided to have nasi lemak and roti jala, all-time favourite.
I bought some for Helmy as he was about to arrive.

While we were searching for the bazaar, we found a few budget hotels along the way.
The hotels were quite good that made us felt that we made the wrong decision to stay at Upstairs Hotel.
If we were to reserve a room at the island, we could explore more on the island.
Oh, I forgot that the main purpose that we were there was I needed to go to my former UiTM campus for clearance which located at the main land, not the island.
So, it contradicted our second guess and we remained silent about that.

Then, we broke fast.
 And there was Helmy-san.
We ate at the esplanade, konon-konon enjoying the sunset padahal takde pon.
 We picked the wrong place but still the joy continued.

After that, we went back to the jetty to get back the main land.
I bought pickles for my mother because she ordered.
We had our dinner before we got back to our hotel room.
 Even we were tired, the idea to berjimba was still existed.
 Fuad was thinking to go to K-Box to ‘train’ his vocal and I seconded the idea because I think I needed a training to wail as well.
The hotel was locked and it was uncle who was responsible for that.
The idea of karaokeing was cancelled because we were pity at uncle because he was so tired in his midst of sleeping that we disturbed him to open the door for us.
 So, there we were, in our room, gossiping and catching up and laughing and singing and made fool out of ourselves, the three of us.
That was what I call, our pillow talk.
Fuad and Helmy got along instantly.
 And I love that.


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