Monday, January 16, 2012

so, it's the endurance with the earnest act of will

What do you think about getting over the heartache? Let it pass? Just like that?

What makes you get all the heartaches the world can offer?
It’s not necessarily from the people surrounding but it is also may come from yourself
Self-conscious bitch, just like me

ehh, silap gambar ni!!!

People might get offensive words bombarded on your very face, or backstab directly on your spine
Some people blatantly show that they dislike you, effortlessly
Some people just show their bland facial expression, as if we’re non-existent, or annoyed, or whatever reason they can come up with to make that shitty face

literally shitty...

Being offended can be either from direct responses of the people around, and from the most unexpected ways of which is too subtle to perceive from our senses
There are a lot of things that might get your hurt, even beyond expectation
How you gonna deal with that?

For example, I have a friend who hates the roommate
They don’t get along well as it turn out that A, (my friend), finds that B, (the roommate) extremely annoying
At some point they have this cold war
They are pretentiously being very good in public but actually, they are not
A claims that B has been so loud, annoying, show off and all the sorts of adjectives that you can use to say someone is annoying on B
I am also a friend of B but I don’t know that part of B
My reflex when I was told about the nuisance that B made was disgusted
Such a pain in the neck for A
But I don’t think B is like that
Apparently, A knows it all and spilled it over the chitchat
A is the one who is hurt
According to A, B is not only annoying but also offensive
That’s make double-damage to A, which I don’t know how am I gonna survive that if I were to be A

But actually I am dealing with the same problem but I let it pass
The person and I might not get along that good but still, we have no hard feeling

So, A is so sour about this that A don’t think B is a good friend to be with
A decided that befriended with B is the biggest mistake of a lifetime (I hope only at the moment)
To be fair, I don’t know what the story on B’s side
So, what is my position to judge?

The point is, we will never ever happened to be stress-free
Everything has its own drawbacks
Like I said earlier, it can be external or internal factors
External factor is beyond our control, about other people, the weather that affect the person, et cetera, et cetera
What can we do about it?
Since internal factor is controllable, which is ourselves, just control ourselves
Yes, I do believe that all people have put their own limits but still it still can be flexible, in compliance to the situation

If you keep on saying, “aku tak boleh la, aku dah memang macam ni kot”
(my very biasa punya ayat..hehe)
ehh, dah jafi Santana pulek?


That would be a little problem but still can be resolved

As for my case, I just let it pass on a few small things that hurt me a great deal
Because I know, if I brood and dwell about it, what will I get out of it?
More severe heartache due to in-depth internal discussion between me, my mind, and my soul
I don’t think I can deal with that
In fact, I have other things to attend to

However, not to forget what happen
It’ll make you remember the lessons
While reminiscing, I do agree that it is inevitable to feel the rage but still, like I said, it is within our control, control it and think something positive out of it
I think that happiness not only comes from the life that is so fancy, without any apprehension of how to live for the next day
I think, it’s about the journey
Hardships, tears, heartaches, all that teach us about life
Make it distinct from one another
Just the way you take it, will determine how does it appears to be
Think positive and live your life to the fullest that you will never regret when you think about it later
Your path, your choice
Live life
Wishing all the happiness in the world to my dear readers


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