Sunday, January 8, 2012

so, Bon Voyage for now

I was waiting for today to come with anxiety
One of my bestest friend is going to be farther from my, physically

Dear Safuwan,
I was shaking to compose this post
I have no idea how am I gonna survive my days, realizing you are away, way too far from me
(Imagining the map that locates The States at one end, and Malaysia at the other end of the map spread)
But apparently we are really going to be far from each other
Because The States memang jauh kan
In just few hours
I hope you will be fine there, 
Oh, not only fine, 
but GREAT!
Be strong if anything happens
Please know that I’ll be there for you whenever you gonna have your hard times
Keep on striving to create the life you have imagined
Because I believe that you are one of the people who have the ability of dreaming big and really go for it
Be safe and do take good care of yourself
I’m praying that you’ll be having all the joy and fun when you are in The USA just like Party in The USA (let it be your theme song when you had any party going)
Forget me not
Have a safe journey going and coming back

Yours sincerely with love,
Farith Zainudin


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