Sunday, December 23, 2012


I'm blessed to be a part of wonderful team
Without them, this project video would not be realized
I hope, we can keep the momentum!!!
Bam! Bam! Bam!

4 Sekawan Production introduce to you...



Saturday, December 22, 2012

So, It's a Gaza Experience by Afdlin Shauki

When I was on the way to come back to Malacca, I needed to transit at UNITEN since my sister was so called held hostage for an event
A tribute event for Gaza

It consisted of two parts
The first part was about the life-experience sharing by Afdhalin, the name given to Afdlin when he visited Gaza
The second part is a talk by the head of Aqsa Sharif

Some of the things that attracts me are the pleasant experience of his when he stayed in Gaza as the ambassador of Aqsa Sharif
He was outta blue with the magnificent way of how Allah carry things out
He was the seasonal supporter in supporting Gaza but not any more
He insisted us to boycott and to donate as much as possible
He said that he felt like he was at home in that threatened land
The people is so welcoming
Everyone is feeding each of everybody
The girl who loss 30 family members all at once with mean bullets leaving the remaining 6, telling stories about the event without a streak of tears falling
The deaths in schools, community centres, and other places that is intentional
The Israelis claim it to be collateral damage
He is affected by the kindness of the people who we felt in great danger
The strong hearts they have
It is as if things are normal
But it is not
Bombs, missiles, bullets are everywhere
There's no sense of safety
This kinda atmosphere is created from what they believe in
They are hoping for two things, victory or syahid
This one is so hard for me to digest
It is too much to digest
The meaning of their hopes are so intense
I need my readers to help us out
Help us to free Gaza from Israel, the thief

The second talk is more likely to be a factual talk
About the God's promises and all
I am affected
I hope I can help out spreading the words about this

Let's spread the words
Let's do something
Let's free Gaza


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So, Congratulations Kelly Clarkson!

To my favourite singer, may your engagement leads to the altar
Can't wait to see your baby!!!

The yellow canary diamond ring is gorgeous!

Dear Brandon Blackstock, please take good care of Kelly, please

Dear Kelly, take care of your future husband, please :)))

And please come to Malaysia, again
Let's enjoy the sweating for healthier body ;)

Love your forever!


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So, They are Enjoying the ChocoChips by KooKies

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So, Our First Experience at Pasar Malam Saujana Utama

The choices are exhilarating
Love it very much

We love it!

Gonna go again later :)


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So, This is Possible

The overall dress and the shoes is cute to be on the same person
That person can be the cutest, I presumed

But the cute heels is belong to Kak Gee
She's always keep her cuteness, much to our amusement

The current owner of the overall is cute
I know that :)


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So, It's Our Treat After All the hard Work

As promised, we were treated to a very fancy food
Tony Roma's!
This was my first time!
I was all excited

As the Superb Safuwan promised the Amazing Adib and me, we were there to savour the steak
I'm not keen much on steak but it worth a try

I had the combo of beef medallion with grilled salmon
The beef was good, but I'd prefer salmon on sushi
But the overall experience was very sweet
Very good to remember

And I'm gonna remember this :)


p/s: I'm the Fabulous Farith. Ahakz.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

So, It's Time to Say Goodbye to Our Thai Friend, Salim

We only had our class with her this semester and for only one class
She was with us while we were taking our minor subject class

She was an exchange student from Thailand
She was doing her exchange for only one semester
During her exchange, I was not communicating much with her
I think I was too busy thinking about myself
That's what I always do
Much to my loss

However, on my defence, I am trying to put other people first
Or at least, I'm preaching myself to think about others

When she was in the class, I was kinda afraid to talk to talk to her
I didn't know whether she looked timid or she was timid or I was shy to approach her

All in all, it was an honour to get to know an international friend
I might not know her very well
And I think I'm at loss since I didn't seek for more information about Thailand firsthandedly
I think, it is because of my general knowledge on Thailand is not that wide to consider a very long informative and fun chit chat

For Salim,
All the best for your future upcoming
I hope you will remember the experience studying in Malaysia
I hope u will not forget us
Good luck!
We're gonna miss u :)


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So, Another RA Experience for the year 2012

Everything was happening so fast
Actually, I was so busy with my submissions, presentations and tests coming
Due to financial constraints that I needed to address, it left me with no choice

We were late for the first day
To the briefing, and to the field to study
The research was on the opinion of people on the Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Food Festival
There were two sites to investigate, from the visitors perspectives

One of the sites were in Central Market and the other was in The Little India, Brickfields
I was assigned at the latter site
We were comprised of two teams, tourism and hotel students team
The grouping was perfect since we didn't have time to start over since it was a new experience where support system would be better if we were grouped among ourselves

The first day, I was good since the energy was there

The second day was not that good as the people were decreasing, means there were only a handful number of hawkers selling food

The third day, even more depressing in terms of the number of respondents

I'd rather do the head counts than to seek for information since the crowd was underwhelming

We had fun, I mean, the other RA's and me
There were Ikmal, Hakim, Faiz, Dillamira, Ain, Wanie, Kak Bear, Nisa, Me, and another Ikmal

Welcoming them to my circle of friends was delightful
It is nice to meet them

It's gonna be remembered


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

So, It's Time to Let It Go

The beauty of a live flower is lovely
Same goes to the things that we consider beautiful
But the beauty is not eternal
It has its limit
It has its own living period

When the time has come, we need to let it go
Letting it go doesn't mean we forget it totally
We need to adjust ourselves to the changes
The changes that is inevitable

It is the time for the flowers to be gone
Into another phase of their lives
Same goes to us

We need to face the music
Just face it
That is how it goes
On and on, and on


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So, It May Be The Bottom of The Wheel of Your Life

When I heard the sobbing sound on the other end of the phone, I feel like you were totally devastated

You are bubbly
You are fun

You were not much of you that night
I felt hopeless, helpless
I didn't know what to do
I didn't know what to say
To make you feel better

I felt bad
You always know how to make me feel good
You always know what to say to make me see things in other perspective
To alleviate the depression
To reduce the anxiety

In life, there are bittersweet in it
But when we are going through it
What we can see, only darkness
What we can see, only sadness

It is not my decision to stop you from feeling the sadness
I can only listen to your complaining
You need a break
You need to feel the sadness
It is one of the feelings that we need to feel

I was very pleased that u said u need me to listen to your bad luck
I hope you are doing fine
You need a break
But don't take a very long break
You may missed out a lotta things
I mean, loads of things
Be strong because that will make you different from others
Gonna be there for you whenever u need me
I mean that


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Friday, December 14, 2012

So, It's My First Snoghurt

On our way back, my twin, ikan, and I headed to Snogurt
Firstly, I was a little insecure about how much money that thing will cost me
Since I'm almost penniless right now
Then, I only watched my twin made her moves to get her Snogurt
She took the froyo and raspberry flavour
She took some toppings as well

We were entitled 15% discount!!!
Then, I took the same for me
And we got vouchers!
Later, I'm gonna go eat with my besty
Prior to that thought, I was thinking of giving it to that couple of bestfriend that I was with at that moment
But they insisted to keep the voucher to myself to be spent with my besty
What a thoughtful friends I have
I hope, they are blessed with all the love from God
They are angels

I love the Snogurt
In fact, it's gonna be my guilty pleasure from time to time
I love the original one

I treated it like how I eat ice cream
The melted cold ice cream delights me in great deal
I don't like to eat the solid state of the ice cream
I love it the very moment it has gone to be liquid

I fret not to treat that way anymore
The frozen yoghurt needs to be eaten when it is still frozen
According to my twin, it tastes the same like Tutti Frutti
I just kill another craving for something in the same day
Thank u twin for such a great outing today
Quite a journey, I shall say

Let's recap:
Wasn't sure to go or not to go to the ceremony and off we went
Arrived late but had quite a great time
Then, off to photocopy some docs and delighted for its cheap price
Off to the fac to send the doc to one of our group members
The paving of the road got us into trouble to get out of the varsity grounds
Consulted the insulted Polis Bantuan to get the ruined gate opened so that we could fetch ikan and go back to Puncak Alam since all the engines were crowding at the exit path
In the jittery and anxiety, we managed to go through it
Thinking of how lucky we were
We wouldn't be that lucky if we were in Penang Campus and we started to reminisce
Went to Snogurt to get two cups of frozen yoghurt, one for them and another one was all to myself
Yum yum!
Off we went to Puncak Alam
Disappointment due to the loss of Harimau Malaya
That's what happened
The one the I call, the joyride
And now, I'm calling it a day
Gonna remember this


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So, Appreciation Ceremony

After the conference, the organizer treat us, the committee members, to a hi tea
Most of us were not there but these people, the bunch of crazy people, who didn't think would make it to the ceremony, were all there
All 10 of us turned up

Initially, we were sitting at different tables since the reserved places for us, the late-comers, were taken
It wasn't taken by the students, but the lecturers
It seemed like the lecturer love to sit with us since we were fun
Apparently, we are fun!

Working with each one of them was an honour to me
My twin and the others were amazing at the conference
Apparently, they are amazing!

Already missing working with them
Gonna remember those moments


P/S: I think Zul wasn't in the picture but nevermind, I'd remember u. I myself wasn't included in the picture. Ahaha. And I love the food because I could kill my craving for sushi. Sushi o tabemashita :)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, It's Another Note from My Twin

She's so cute and whatever she makes is cute
This is cute
Thank u, twin
Too many cute, I guess :P


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So, Youth Social Business Summit 2012

Last weekend, I joined a summit
The summit went well
Just that the body of mine seemed like dysfunctional

We visited the mini art exhibition
I just enthralled with the beauty of Publika
So magnificent

After the session ended, we headed to Burger Lab
Another wonders of the day
The gray bun is so cute

Then we headed home
That was when I blackout
I was feeling
I didn't go for the second day
What a loss
But I think my friend was having a great time

I needed my rest
That's what my heart told me
To ease my disappointment


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