Thursday, August 11, 2011

So, it the time for me to say bye2 to UiTMPP for now (Part I)

I was so anxious about the journey to Penang

Plus, I needed to be accompanying Fuad to go around the places of interest in Penang, and it supposed to be something fun because of the fun but it was unexpectedly horrifyingly fun!
Lemme start telling you guys what happened according to chronology
It was 7th of August we were boarding on this one of the best journey ever
I went to KL Sentral directly from my workplace, Ramly Halal Kiosk Bandar Botanik with the aid of Mimi sending me to the nearest bus stop
A small deed that make a big difference

Right after that, I got to get on a bus and went to Klang KTM Station and then, off to KL Sentral
The flow was smooth up until this point; the train arrive earlier than expected

Fuad arrive early at KL Sentral and he bought us our train tix at the counter
Right after that, Safuwan also arrived, our impromptu break-fast session for the first time for this year’s Ramadhon, it was fun!
We were catching up while deciding where to eat and we went to food court
I was having chicken fried rice and both Fuad and Safuwan were having sizzling after ages of not have had it as their meal
Their thrill and excitement was killed right away after azan as the gravy was so not thick and it was kinda turning off their appetite
tak selera lah!

Thank God my food was not that bad
While eating, gossiping is always a must, get updates about each other, laugh a lot, share problems and future plans
Wah, mcm tu skali kan?lolz

After stocking up our food to keep us full on the train, we went to the tix counter again to get our return tix
mcm ni la kitorang stock up
over tak?

While waiting for our turn, we cam-whoring...hehe
Rite after that, we get ourselves to taste the egg tarts from KFC with the courtesy of Mr. Edinburgh

Then, we said our goodbyes to Safuwan before boarding on the train
The excitement continued...

When we got on the train, there were few things that annoyed us, the both of us at the same time
Firstly, annoying couple
I dunno whether they long-haired person is a gal or a lad
They guy and another person, they were like kissing
They sat far from us but in opposite position
It was annoying because they were continuously to be cuddling and smooching
I xmau okeh!!!

The second one, was the very low temperature and I know, it annoys most of the people who gets on the train
Some of them may prepare themselves with Eskimo clothing before boarding
moh naik tren yuk!

Next, it was this old man who was always like following us when we wanted to lepak in between of the coach to get warm
He wanted to go to Padang Besar and later to Hat Yai
He kept on asking questions
His courtesy turned out to bug us
When we wanted to alight from the train, at the moment he was asleep, and when we passed him, he woke up instantly and followed us to the exit door
His friendliness was presumed to be annoying
Xdela yg mcm ni, tp ni pn stok2 annoying
mati ak klu org ni jmpe ak..larikss!

When we arrived at Bukit Mertajam Station, it was 8th August and we waited for a friend of mine who promised to welcome us
We waited like 2 hours and we were very sleepy because we didn’t really get to sleep before
xmampu nk tido cmni time atas tren

Then, I tried to contact him but to no avail I was hopeless
We tried to be calm and keep on laughing on whatever things we found funny around us
I tried to contact other colleagues to get those help us but it was also unsuccessful as most of the people were still asleep

I was very hopeless and Fuad kept everything to look positive
I decided to stay at the mosque and we could also get some pahala by staying there before planning the next step because the both of us bimbo already due to sleep-deprived
Then, we went to BM bus station at The Summit Bukit Mertajam, stayed there like 3 hours
Trying to get in touch with people
We still intends to continue fasting though the condition was so challenging our iman and out mental strength and physical as well
Ouh, klu time tu dpt katil cmni, xdela nk merungut lebih2 kann

We rummaged through our brains, trying to get the most brilliant idea we could muster with such condition
The condition worsened as time flew
We felt like to collapse though we were sitting there still
We did everything, called everybody we knew that they might offer hands to help us out
We didn’t blame anybody and we were doing the best we can to help ourselves in limited resources that we had
We were at our wit’s end
lebih kurang mcm ni la kitrong time tu

To be continued...

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