Friday, July 22, 2011

so, start-up camp 2011

Let’s start to the story

The camp was held at COPE Adventure where COPE stands for 
Creative Outdoor Pursuits Education
and they are really creative
I mean it!
Seriously, I don’t know what the real reason that I was there but, I think it is so good for me, which is all I am sure of
I thought it was entirely an event management seminar but in turned out to be something which is way much satisfying, fun, and all
I am still overwhelmed about the camp and missing each of the participants very much

Day 1

I departed from home as early as 5.30 a.m. so that I was not late for the bus, where it should pick up us at 7 a.m. at KL Sentral
Then, I was there sharp at 7 because I went to help my sister setting up her stall and performed my prayers
Unfortunately, the participants were early but the bus was late and to add the problem up, the but was misunderstood the exact place where it need to pick us up
The bus was there nearly 9 o’clock and we were late from the planned time
Everybody was lacking of sleep and all of them were sleeping, including me as I couldn’t stand the sleepiness which is rarely happen to me
And we were there about at 10 o’clock in the morning and was welcomed with a wide array of food, which Dina described the food as ‘Royal Food’ and really they were luxurious
It was started by a briefing by Lina, one of our COPE facilitator
She explained the rules, whereabouts and all the stuffs that you may need when you start any programme
We were brought to our tent and was introduced about the tent by a very nice lady (I know her name by the sound of it but I don’t know how to spell it)
Then, we were introduced to Tan Sri Mohd Fauzi bin Omar and his colleague, Mr. Hishanudin
However, the humility that Tan Sri has that he didn’t mention about his title if any person, like me who has lack of knowledge about famous people, has zero idea about him
In addition, he is so kind in sharing his life story
Then, during the noon break, I went to the shower room as I wanted explore a bit because right after the introduction part, we were directly directed to be in the Training Cabin to attend our first class with the faci
I checked the plastic ‘kolah’ (a container that is used to keep a big amount of water for daily use)
The water was cold and I really liked the colour of it
Then, back to the class and we formed a group and called ourselves The Lion

People always think that the pen that i use is not a pen
They think of something else

After that, we finished our class at 6 something, then, I didn’t hear the instruction for the next agenda which was dinner and team-building session
All of us overslept and were served like kings, which I didn’t know it was sarcasm or just a mere pleasant act to remind us to come early the next time
We ate on a banana leave and it was my first time to eat that way, not like nasi lemak
Then, we got to the next event which was team building
The activities were Spell The Word, where every each of us were given an alphabet and need to run and be at the place where the letter is needed, and if the letter is needed more than one in a word, so, the holder need to run back and forth
We won the first round
Then, we were divided into 4 groups white, yellow, green and red
We played the Noodle Stick, pass-the-ball-to-everybody-in-a-second game, and make our Team Name and Cheers
From the white team, we named ourselves as White Shark and the value that we represented were ‘Fast’ and ‘Furious’
We were comprised of Xin, Saeed, Mohamed, Kamal, Naesh, Kok Weng, VT, Mimiy, and I
Akmal, was another team member where he came one day late and just joined us
The night went as we stuck on how to make the cheers like what we imagined

Day 2

Woke up late, the tiresome feeling was still unavoidable
The class begun but until the afternoon only
The slot after the class was filled with the jungle trekking
This is the view of my tent

there are two hand basin and clotheslines for us to hang our wet clothes, or towels, or whatever you want to hang

It was real fun, despite the exhaustion
I was bitten by the ‘pacat’, the sibling of leech, or maybe baby leech, for 2 times in a day – which were prior the trekking and during the trekking
One was on my lower limb, on the shin and another one was at my tummy
Trying to remember the moment, I got goose bumps
Then, after a long walk in the jungle, we didn’t manage to encounter any of wild life but a bird left one of the feathers on the jungle floor
It was beautiful
Then, we stopped for a moment and listen to Morgan’s lecture, sharing his knowledge about jungle and taught us to make shelter and fire
We were also taught about how useful bertam tree when you are stuck in a jungle
We were asked to make the shelter
Then, off we went back to our tent not shelter
I am not going to sleep at the shelter even they were offering for free
At night after dinner, we were assigned with the Building Block game
The model was hidden behind table tennis table, and we were given 15 passes to get the chance to have a look on the model
Then, we were asked to build the model based on what we could recall
I thought my short-term memory would work at its best but apparently, out of being excited and some other feelings, I lost my focus
Then, despite the craziness and pressure, we won the game as we made most of the part similar to the model
After that, we were asked to assess each one of us on leadership and teamwork criteria
I got less marks on leadership, where I am surprised at first but I should admit that, which means I need to sharpen it up
I got more marks on teamwork criterion
Then, we celebrated one of our friends' birthday
Later the night, we were given the chance to go to Look Out Tower with all of our new friends together
We took so many pictures together
The view was picturesque and I can only show you this, though it was not that clear
I was suffering with stomach pain which I believe due to stomach wind
I didn’t care much but just enjoyed myself as much as I could up there on the tower
Before went to bed, I got to chance to snap a picture the bed that we slept on all 3 nights there

Day 3

The class as usual
Then, we were supposed to play amazing race but they dubbed it as COPE Race and it was fun!
The best part was, we won the race
We collected 2,030 points
I am proud of my teammates
Though the course was a bit tiring, the obstacles were even more tiring and really testing the trust that we may instil in each of us
I do believe that i need to believe in people to get their trust
I immensely believe in that
Later the night, we were enjoying ourselves
Supposedly, we were asked to make team performances but it was cancelled as the faci wants us to enjoy the final nite with them
Then, we played simple games like Chinese Whisper and Dare-the-Person-Next-to-You-which-Later-You’ll-Be-Doing-It
Then, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted at the hall, karaokeing, chatting, playing cards, table tennis
They were up kinda late, passed the midnite i think, but i was darn tired, asleep despite the noise they made from the discussion
They were really excited in their conversation, i envied because where the heck the energy they drained from to be so loud and aggressive, maybe from me

the white team scores!
each ball represent 20 points

Day 4

Final class, we were to pitch our own project
We came up with making the people have a proper education so that they can improve their living by making the teaching lessons available in parts of the country
The lessons are not only based on the basic skills – reading, doing Maths – the other soft skills like speaking skills
Then, off we went back to our own places
Taking pictures, greeting each others, exchanging business cards

What I learned from the camp is so many
I don’t think i can really put those in words
I’m still figuring it out
I hope i can make use most of the lessons learnt in my life
To be more efficient and effective

sleepy already...

if there's anything wrong that you may want to add up, you're welcome to leave a comment my dear Start-Up Campers friends :)


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