Sunday, July 10, 2011


A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS I want to say for my bestie for making it to top 3

Dear Safuwan,

Congratulations for your current achievement

I am very sorry for cannot be there to help you out on our programme at our former school after your long hard days at the camp, course, presentation, etc. to continue on our first baby project, the prototype
I just wanna express my sorry for whatever happened up until now
I will be there for you whenever, wherever you need just like what you did whenever, wherever I needed you
Let's make something bigger
May be this is the beginning of something new, something big

"Boleh tu", is your best advice, 

is your best attitude,

 "Don't Stop Believing" is our best favourite song so far, to make it through

And think that life is a climb like in the song "The Climb" by cute Miley

Let's make it, I'm preparing to be fully ready for whatever future holds in store for us
Let's get everything that we think we want to do

I'm grateful and thankful for everything up until now and hopefully they will be well-nourished and bloom in future with you having on my side
There are a lot more to come
Just wait and see

Yours sincerely,


  1. well said..
    i'm always there if you need me..
    life's not a one way commitment..
    thanks to you!!
    u've been my greatest supporter!!

    Thank you..

  2. Thanks to you too
    you have been the greatest backbone ever :)