Saturday, July 9, 2011

so, i'm torn when you say you're alone

It had been a while I've been away from somebody who always with me wherever I go, literally

I dunno whether I am liking whatever things I do now
Everything seems hard and seem unfeasible
Cannot be done, impossible
Along with the unbalanced hormones, leads to irrational thinking which is manipulative, and is conveyed by the actions taken
Everything never seems right now
Trying to do the best of me but for now, I think, failure is unacceptable but the fact is dare to fail is the way to succeed and I don't have that in mind
Thing's really out of control
Having you around is the only thing I am sure of

Things are not well-shaped around me
Everything's really got jumbled up
I think I'm losing more hair than get my thoughts all worked up and done due to much of thinking, worrying, expecting, and other verbs that have something to do with our mind

The reason is because my only person who is always beside me, literally beside me - physically and emotionally beside me - is no longer beside me
Have been away from each other for almost 3 months
We will not be in the same institution anymore for our degree

And it happened that the person said the disability to do tasks that really need to be done is overwhelming though there a lots of trials to deny the emotions which was so distracting
It was also because of no companion to do it together

When I knew that happened to the person, I'm torn apart
I just hope I can be there, to accompany and do it together

Let's pray that we will be us forever, till death do us apart
Though we are not married or bound to any rules and regulations
It is nice to have you around and I want to be around you always, though you are no longer physically beside me...

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