Wednesday, June 22, 2011

so, let's have a better scope, increase the speed, widen the scale

I supposed not going but yet, I seconded to come despite insufficient of sleep

This was the topic for the talk
It was presented and hosted by Adrienne Palmer Cornelsen
I didn't get to know better on her details
Maybe you guys can google her up

Hi, I am Adrienne!
Nice to meet you

She gave a lot of insights and tips
Along the way in the workshop, she demonstrated loads of example and tested us on particular area regarding on the plans of our own businesses
It was inspirational and I hope it will always inspire me

Going on to the contents, the speech is mainly about the culture of your organisations, the values shared among the people involved
We were taught about developing the strategy, which concerns more on the MISSION, VISION, and VALUES

MISSION: The reason of being
VISION: The long-term "picture"
VALUES: need to be aligned between individuals

We were also asked about setting goals and priorities so that we can sustain and achieve whatever we want to get
The final one is to develop Measurable Accountability Plan (MAP)
This plan points out the things that may prevent you to achieve the goal and appoint any person to be accountable for it within a specific time frame

Being around the people with loads of ideas, here are some of their thoughts that I would like to share with you guys
I know you guys love tidbits
These are bags not some small finger food!!!

  • Do things quickly, don't procrastinate
  • Be truthful, so that you don't have to put on more masks on for cover
  • It's your choice to make something to look good or the other way around
  • Values are the ones that believe in their hearts and souls
  • Just do it
  • If you make a move, don't hesitate, keep on going
  • Dare to take risk
  • Remember your root, be humble
  • What gets measured gets done
  • Celebrate successes can be varied between people
For more details, try to go to this linkthis too where they showcase extensive programme which may be your interest
If you might think you have brilliant ideas and intend to hone it to the different level, try this one
If you want to get to know what Adrienne is up to, you can visit her blog

I hope I shared some value for you to add on your existing values to make Malaysia a better place to live and to be a high-income nation just on time, as suggested

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