Thursday, June 16, 2011

So, let's brew our minds and I am still brewing mine

The talk is simple and I like it very much

Before the talk:

I thought the talk would be in the morning
Thank God I did some revision before going
Perusing through the page and something caught my eyes
2030 hours is not a.m., isn’t it?

mke terkejot ke ni?

Then, I planned my way again
Decided to meet up with my friend
Then, that nite, off the talk, a little late for dinner
I am a tiger

To get to the venue was also a problem
The place is called Plug & Play
This was also why we have to miss our dinner because we dunno where is exactly the place
I had been like a lost chick, away from its mother

thank God I wasn't really, literally, was pet by a kitten at that time
I managed to run with a motorbike

During the talk:
The talk was emceed by Marcus Tan
He made the nite little less tense by making jocular statements, cracking some jokes about the Pirates of the Caribbean
There were also Youth Nation Summit people coming over and I was surprised while greeting them 
(actually not as I have read their FB statement)
plastic giler!

shanteque tak sayer?

Definitely, I was with my best friend
When I was caught up speaking with the Summit people, he went to meet new people, getting new acquaintances, getting his network wider

The speaker of the nite, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Murad Merican, who have been an academician for about 25 years now, share some thoughts of his
He, who has 4 different areas of studies, gave us thoughtful lesson whereby he came up with loads of example and left us to interpret it, suitable with the topic for that nite which I cannot remember the exact title
You guys my want to know better about the nite and also the organisation
You can visit this link and here
These two links will lead you to the organisations that have given me the opportunity to be a part of the talk
Thank you so much BQe and Perdana Leadership Foundation

Here are the summary about his talk:

He talked about the importance of getting the organisation organised, suitable with what the resources that the organisation has
Believing something that need to be accomplished as a ‘religion’ – not as in the religions that we have now, from my understanding, something that needs to be done sincerely – which he elaborated not to assume that particular deed as a chore
Along the way to get something done, assume that some disorganisation and chaos in the middle of the effort as no necessary, where he believe that breakdowns in between may lead to better wisdom
He also suggested that we need to make a write up when we have something in mind
Besides that, being repetitive is worthwhile because this will promote a better understanding about something
After the talk, it happened that I approached a few people and loving it because they are very inspirational
I hope I could bring along a whole lot more of my friends so that they have the same experience I had that nite

After the talk:

My best friend and I were hungry as he was also missed his dinner
At first we tried to find a restaurant inside the mall but apparently, every one of them was started to wrap up their store
Then, we went to Jusco and bought some Japanese food as they were on discount
We were very leisurely while choosing our food, but actually, we were kinda cursed by the people in the store and we just didn’t care about them
Then, we headed back to my friend’s place to eat together, but in different way as he didn’t bring along extra helmet
Then, we had our nite in
Chatting all nite long as if we had not met for years and it was wonderful


  1. Farith!

    Good job on the write up! And thanks for the kind mention too. haha.

    Keep up the good work blogging, the world needs more freelance writers like yourself. ; )

    Though, if i may point out, your blog's abit laggy, perhaps you may wana lay low on the apps so your blog loads faster! : )

    All the best!


  2. tq Marcus for dropping by my blog..i never expected you might be doing so..i'll consider your point..actually, i did try put the least as i can, the apps and stuffs..nway, thanks again for dropping by..not really think of being a freelance writer, but it is interesting to be one :)

    thanks again!