Wednesday, June 8, 2011

so, the power of Y

It has been quite some times I didn't update you guys...

so, here I go, again...

So far, what I did was joining one of the best events I have ever joined
The event is called Youth Nation Summit 2011
They picked the delegates by reviewing the application and thank God I managed to squeeze in
It has been one of the best experience ever
It all about empowering youth
The generation Y, specifically, to save the generation Z's sake in future
We were taught about so many things
About sustainability on environment, on economics, on social relations
Then, we were told about leadership and it is all about the actions which means, u need to walk the walk, talk the talk, do the do (is there any thing as such?)

Next, we were to ask to invent our own project which I had nil on mind
I was depending on my teammates which they asked me to be the presenter in return
Making things at the eleventh hour, so, our project was not nominated as one of the best project as we failed to go into details which might attract the panels' attention

The closing was the most interesting and the climax of the programme
I was given the chance of a lifetime to eat with our beloved PM in one of the five star hotel in Malaysia, One World Hotel
I just can't believe he was less than 10 metres from me!
And that was unbelievably true!
Time passed very fast which I couldn't really feel it
The programme is one of the best experience ever
At first, it was just to fill up my free time which turned out to be something very inspirational and also motivating
I hope each of my friends is able to do so

Lesson: get yourself prepared for everything that you think you might be encountered. No matter what it is. Time is gold and once you let it away, you won't be able to get it. It worth a lot to savour it.

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