Friday, June 10, 2011

so, crying

Have u ever wonder that crying is giving you wonders instead of making you look so pathetic?

Aigo, emotional nyer. Nape ni?
Care to share?

Crying may be caused by emotional feeling and it may be stimulated by the happy feeling on euphoric events.
If you cry, these are the things that will get benefit from it.

1. Removes toxins form the body.

2. Preventing the occurrence of depression.

3. Lifts your mood.

4. Beneficial for the eyes.

5. Prevents bacterial growth.

6. Helps in relaxation.

However, if you're a pregger, you should limit your crying, though sometimes preggers found that it is so hard to control it, you need to. It is for the sake of the baby. Too much crying, especially due to distress, it will induce the secretion of a chemical which I cannot remember the name :P, that can cause a kind of brain damage for your babies.

Girls, beware
I can do it lah!
Less crying is small matter lah!

That's the spirit!

If you find some of your loved ones crying at the side of the corner, offer his/her the warmth you have. Let he/she knows that you are there for them. And not to forget, just let them cry. That will do.

Boys or girls, it doesn't matter. Just cry. Approximately, women cried 47 times a year and men on seven. It is not about ego or whatever it is. Crying is beautiful for girls and for boys, crying is a healer. Just let it out.

For further reading and if you wish to be a crying expert, I suggest you go to this link

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