Sunday, April 24, 2011

so, finishing it all of my capital D thingy

Whoa, it has been quite a period of time
So, long don't get you guys updated
I was on my IT for four months and it is over now
I prepared my report which I think is good enough
not targeting high colors of results
just doing it fine, as long as it is OK
waiting for its hard cover to get done

Tomorrow will c what happened
my hard cover and my trip back to Penang for report submission

and presentation two days later than submission
I don't want to hope so much
I wanna get myself prepared for the unpredicted

I have a thought to share
sometimes, there are things that we might consider that we good but apparently we are not
if we are told about it directly to our face
it may get us down
i don't know if I were to be like that
i love doing something i'm not good at
and my friends told me not to do so
i might get frustrated and that will lead to another thing
and sometimes, there things that we think we are not able to do it good
but apparently we do a nice job
therefore, we can say it is a talent
just to develop more on it
however, it depends on the chance that might need to be apart of the development
if there is no space for it
it is a big waste
in conclusion for this thought, think wisely about our potential
don't let your judgement alone to judge u guys
and it does not mean u guys do not have your own personality
it is a development
find, search, investigate, and develop according to your cup of tea
so, it'll be much better

After the IT, I guess it did something to me
to think fast and think straight about things
me like it
when i do the reports, i dunno

On my playlist are
Burlesque - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Who You Are

 Headlines 21 

Killer Love Pulse

Perfect Day Goodbye Lullaby

 Femme Fatale Deluxe I Look To You

 No Gravity Kaleidoscope Heart

Greatest Hits... So Far!!! Overcome


byk giler la pulak kann
there are also singles that I love
Castle Walls (Feat. Christina Aguilera) [Explicit] Born This Way [EP]

Judas Don't You Wanna Stay (With Kelly Clarkson)

I think they are great songs
this one, I want to read this novel


Riyo Mori: Lain la mcm I kan, boleh la nk demand2 bagai
walaupun i rse dendam yg teramat sgt kt Oprah Winfrey sbb pkai bju sme cm I!!!

Oprah: ade ak kesah?ske ati ak la nk pakai ape pon. Salah ke ak nk feeling2 miss universe jugak?

The Girl in the Mirror: Two Stories. Cecelia Ahern
I love Cecilia!!!

can wait to catch the episodes of
Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season

that's all from me for now
I think I'm gonna lay down for a good rest before big day tomorrow
a lot of things to do, and long distance to run
all the best for me
to my friends, xsbaq nk jmpe korg :)
jmpe nnt na
gudluck presentation gak :)

to my loved ones,
miss you so much
may my plan will work according to plan
let's pray~